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New York State Correctional Officers & Police Benevolent Association, Inc.

NYSCOPBA represents over 26,000 New York State employees and retirees from the Security Services Unit. Our Union was formed in May 1998 and since that time has provided superior representation to our membership under the independent and democratic model. Our Mission continued...

NYSCOPBA Crash Reporting Law

§  605. Report required upon accident. (a) 1. Every person operating a
  motor vehicle, except  a  police  officer  (as  defined  in  subdivision
  thirty-four of section 1.20 of the criminal procedure law), a correction
  officer,  or  a firefighter, operating a police department, a correction
  department, or fire department vehicle respectively while on duty, if  a
  report  has  been  filed  by  the owner of such vehicle, which is in any
  manner involved in an accident, anywhere within the boundaries  of  this
  state,  in  which any person is killed or injured, or in which damage to
  the property of any one person, including  himself,  in  excess  of  one
  thousand  dollars  is  sustained,  shall  within  ten  days  after  such
  accident, report the matter in writing  to  the  commissioner.  If  such
  operator  or chauffeur be physically incapable of making such report and
  there be another participant in the  accident  not  incapacitated,  such
  participant  shall make such report within ten days after such accident.
  If the operator or chauffeur involved in such accident be unable to make
  such report, the owner of the motor vehicle involved in  such  accident,
  if  such  owner be not involved in such accident or incapacitated, shall
  within ten days after he learns of the fact of such accident report  the
  matter  to  the  commissioner together with such information as may have
  come to his knowledge relating to such accident. Every such operator  or
  chauffeur  of  a  motor vehicle, or participant in any such accident, or
  owner of the motor vehicle involved in any  such  accident,  shall  make
  such other and additional reports as the commissioner shall require.
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