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New York State Correctional Officers & Police Benevolent Association, Inc.

NYSCOPBA represents over 26,000 New York State employees and retirees from the Security Services Unit. Our Union was formed in May 1998 and since that time has provided superior representation to our membership under the independent and democratic model. Our Mission continued...

News from the Field
Dedicated to keeping our members informed about what is happening around the state. If you are assaulted on the job, be sure to fill out our Assault Alert form - Online - PDF - Word 97 - 07. If you have additions or corrections, email
4/15/2014CNYPCInmate/Patient charged out of a side room attempting to assault Security Staff members causing injuries.
4/14/2014Marcy CFInmate Investigated for Aggravated Harassment - Press Release
4/14/2014CNYPCNYSCOPBA Security Members Assaulted by Inmates at Central NY Psychiatric Center - Press Release
4/13/2014Wyoming CFInmate ignored multiple direct orderd from Officer and continued to try and exit the activity building. The Officer blocked the inmates further movement, at which time the inmate became combative and struck the Officer in the hand with his wooden cane. Officer gave another direct order for inmate to get on the wall, the inmate complied. Sergeant responded and escorted the inmate our of the area. Officer suffered minor injuries, but remained on duty.
4/11/2014Marcy CFDuring chow run an inmate threw what appeared to be feces threw his feed up slot. Two Officers were hit in the face, chest, arms and lower body. Both Officers were taken to outside hospital after seeing the nurse for exposure. The scene was secured and State Police were notified for possible charges. UticaOD
4/11/2014Marcy CFSergeant noticed an inmate out of place and ordered an Officer to stop and pat frisk th einmate. The Officer discovered a suspicious object. A more intesive search was done and object was found to be a section of utility blade wrapped with electrical tape. Inmate was taken to SHU and State Police were notified. No injuries.
4/11/2014CNYPCPatient charged out of a side room and assaulted multiple staff members, causing multiple injures. Foreign fluids were also on staff members.
4/10/2014Willard DTCPrisoner from Willard Center gets new burglary charge - Recordonline
4/8/2014CNYPCTreatment Assistant was assaulted by patient, causing injury to the upper chest. Treatment Assistant remained on duty.
4/8/2014CNY PCPatient punched Treatment Assistant in the face. A responding Treatment Assistant was put in a headlock by the patient.
4/8/2014Wende/Gowanda CFOfficers assaulted at Correctional Facilities - WHAM News - TWC News - Press Release
4/6/2014CNYPCWhile escorting inmate to sideroom, inmate turned and spit on SHTA and also punched SHTA in the face. SHTA also suffered injury to his elbow and back while restraining the inmate.
4/5/2014Attica CFWarning shots fired in yard incident- The Daily News
4/5/2014CNYPCPatient was threatening staff and charged at staff member causing injury to shoulder.
4/4/2014Coxsackie CFDuring transfer of inmate, the inmate charged at an Officer, refusing all orders to stop. The Officer took the inmate down, while on the ground the inmate started punching the Officer in the face and the body with closed fists. Responding Officers arrived and restrained the combative inmate. Mechanincal restraints were applied and the inmate was escorted to medical for evaluation then to SHU. All Correction Officers were transported to outside hospital for treatment of injuries. Press Release
4/4/2014Wende CFWhile moving inmate from D block to A block, (movement was due to an earlier inmate on inmate fight in the yard), the inmate tried to remove property that was to remain, the inmate became very aggressive. The inmate grabbed the Officer and threw him to the floor where they continued to wrestly and closed fist punches were thrown. Responding Officers gained control of the inmate and mechanical restraints were applied. All Officers were seen by medical and remained on duty. ABC13
4/3/2014Gowanda CFWhile processing draft Officer was struck by an inmate in the face with a closed fist. Responding Officer and Sergeant restrained inmate. Injured Officer was taken by ambulance to outside hospital. Inmate was taken to Collins SHU. ABC13
4/1/2014Wende CFDuring movement of inmate to be transferred back to Auburn CF, the inmate assaulted the Officer by grabbing him and forcing him towards the safety fence at the top of the stairwell. Officer attempted to break free from the inmates grasp. Responding Officers were able to separate the inmate and force him to the floor and apply mechanical restraints at which time the inmate became compliant. Officers suffered minor injuries and remained on duty. ABC13
4/1/2014Marcy CFInmate charged with promoting prison contraband - Utica OD
3/31/2014Wende CFOfficer was attacked while monitoring chow run. The Officer was struck multiple times to the head. Responding Officers and Sergeant assisted in bringing the inmate under control and inmate was placed in restraints, during which time the inmate continued to resist. During a search of the area a flat piece of metal with a curved point was found. Officers were all seen by medical. Multiple injuries to officers. Three Officers were unable to remain on duty. One Officer and One Sergeant remained on duty. ABC13
3/31/2014Mid State CFOfficer was trying to gain the attention of an inmate for a call out. The inmate was not responding, upon approaching the inmate the officer was punched in the head. The attack on the Officer continued. Assisting Officers responded and restrained the inmate. The inmate continued to be combative with the responding Officers. The first Officer remains out of work with injuries to his shoulder, knee and neck. The responding Officers received minor injuries and remained on duty. Press Release - Utica OD
3/31/2014 Plan for state to fund prison college education courses dies in budget talks - NY Daily News
3/30/2014CNYPCNYSCOPBA Members Attacked/Exposed to AIDS by Inmate at CNYPC -Press Release - Utica OD
3/30/2014Downstate CFOfficer violently assaulted at Downstate CF- Press Release - Poughkeepsie Journal
3/27/2014Attica CFFight at Attica Correctional Facility injures officer - TWC News
3/27/2014CNY PCPatient assaulted staff resulting in scratches and a back injury.
3/26/2014Downstate CFUpon attempting to gain control of a combative inmate, Officer was struck in the face with a closed fist.
3/25/2014Wende CFWende inmate charged with assaulting guard- Buffalo News
3/25/2014Five Points CFNY prison inmate charged with killing prisoner- Watertown Daily Times
3/23/2014CNY PCA patient threw soap in a Treatment Assistants face. Responding staff was assaulted by the patient. The patient also bit his cheek to produce blood in his saliva and spit on staff.
3/18/2014Collins CFAn inmate threw an unknown liquid in an officers face.
3/18/2014Greene CFAn inmate was observed running down the walkway. An officer stopped the inmate to question his as to why he was running. The officer ordered the inmate to comply with pat frisk procedures. The inmate did not comply and punched the officer in the face and continued aggressive behavior until responding officers arrived.
3/17/2014CNY PCA patient spit in the face of a Treatment Assistant
3/17/2014Green Haven CFGreen Haven Locked Down after Large Fight - Press Release - Daily Freeman
3/16/2013Greene CFAn inmate spit in an officers face.
3/16/2014CNY PCPatient assaulted staff during medication administration.
3/16/2014CNY PCPatient kicked staff in the elbow.
3/16/2014CNY PCTwo patients were fighting and a Treatment Assistant attempted to break up the fight. One of the patients punched the Treatment Assistant in the face.
3/13/2014Shawangunk CFAn officer observed two inmates fighting. The officer attempted to break up the fight and one inmate continued to be combative. The officer suffered minor injuries from the incident.
3/10/2014Hudson CFAn Officer observed two inmates fighting. The Officer ordered the inmates to stop fighting and they did not comply. The Officer attempted to break up the fight and one inmate continued to be aggressive and continue the fight. The Officer fell to the ground and injured his hands and knees.
3/10/2014AMCOfficer Assaulted by Inmate at Albany Medical Center- Press Release
3/8/2014Marcy CFInmate threw fluids from the toilet on an Officer. - Press Release
3/8/2014Coxsackie CFInmate was being escorted under keeplock status. The inmate refused to comply with orders regarding movement and became aggressive. The inmate punched a Sergeant in the face several times. The inmate remained combative with responding officers until mechanical restraints were applied.- Press Release
3/6/2014Attica CFWYOMING COURT: Inmate pleads innocent to gang assault- The Daily News
3/5/2014Bare Hill CFFour inmates were fighting with weapons. A responding officer was assaulted by the inmates and suffered a wrist injury.
3/4/2014Adirondack CFInmate failed to comply with staff direction regarding a pat frisk. Inmate elbowed Officer in the head.
2/28/2014CNY PCPatient punched and kicked staff
2/27/2014Auburn CFInmate refused to comply with frisking procedures and attempted to get an object in his pants. The inmate struggled with the frisking officer and elbowed the officer in the chest. Responding officers were also assaulted and the inmate kicked at the officers. Press Release
2/26/2014Marcy CFInmate accused of throwing urine at corrections officer - WKTV
2/25/2014Marcy CF'Freddy Krueger' inmate falsely claimed he was sexually assaulted at prison, police say-
2/25/2014Sullivan CFInmate came up behind an Officer and punched the Officer in the head. The inmate continued to try to hit the officer.
2/24/2014CNY PCPatient attacked another patient. When staff tried to break up the fight, the patient jumped on to a desk and dove at a Treatment Assistant.
2/23/2014Gouverneur CFClay woman accused of smuggling drugs into Gouverneur prison - The Ogdensburg Journal
2/23/2014Attica CFOfficer was struck in the face multiple times
2/22/2013MH PCPatirent came from behind a Treatment Assistant and assaulted him.
2/21/2014Watertown CFInmate gets 6 more years for injuring man at Watertown prisoner- Watertown Daily Times
2/20/2014Downstate CFInmate punched a Sergeant twice in the face.
2/20/2014CNY PCPatient lunged at staff.
2/19/2014CNY PCPatient became agitated and attempted to strike staff.
2/17/2014Franklin CFTwo Officers Assaulted at Franklin- Press Release
2/16/2014Sullivan CFInmate soaked a blanket in the toilet and then swung it at the bars of his cell causing a spray of liquid to hit an officer.
2/16/2014Sullivan CFInmate threw what appeared to be urine on an officer.
2/12/2014Washington CFFights prompt jail lock down- Post Star
2/11/2014Rochester PCPatient became aggressive toward staff. Staff attempted to restrain patient. The patient kicked a Treatment Assistant in the head several times, causing the TA to lose consciousness.
2/10/2014CNY PCPatient assaulted Treatment Assistant.
2/9/2014Gouverneur CFBuffalo man charged with introducing contraband to Gouverneur Correctional Facility - Watertown Daily Times
2/9/2014Orleans CFInmate failed to comply with direction and was creating a disturbance was cuffed and taken to SHU. During escort the Officer had his hands on the inmates cuffs, the inmate twisted his arms and squeezed the officers arms and hands. Assisting Officer attempted to free the Officers hands and a struggle began and they fell to the ground. One officer was taken to outside hospital for injuries and the other Officer was seen at facility medical.
2/8/2014Fishkill CFWoman busted for trying to smuggle cash, drugs to inmate son- New York Post
2/8/2014Wyoming CFInmate was being interviewed by a Sergeant after causing a disturbance in a dorm area. The inmate attacked the sergeant, striking the Sergeant in the head. Responding officers struggled to bring the inmate under control. The Sergeant was severely injured and required helicopter transport to the hospital. One other Sergeant and three officers were also injured. Buffalo News - Press Release - The Daily News
2/7/2014Washington CFPolice: Prison worker smuggled drugs into prison, had sex with inmate- Post Star
2/7/2014Ulster CFState Police: Inmate arrested for attacking officers- TWC News - Daily Freeman - Mid-Hudson News
2/6/2014Shawangunk CFInmate approached officer in an aggressive manner. Inmate yelled at the officer and struck the officer in the face.
2/5/2014Gowanda CFOfficers Assaulted at Gowanda CF - Press Release - WGRZ
2/5/2014CNY PCPatient failed to comply with staff direction and punched a Treatment Assistant in the head.
2/5/2014CNY PCPatient threw a wheelchair at staff. Patient then charged staff and punched a Treatment Assistant in the head twice. Patient purposely cut lip and spit blood on several staff members. Patient shouted that he had Aids and wanted staff to contract the disease.
2/2/2014CNY PCPatient kicked Treatment Assistant in the head.
2/1/2014CNY PCPatient attacked Treatment Assistant causing minor injury
1/31/2014Wyoming CFInmate injured in latest assault at Wyoming Correctional Facility- The Buffalo News - News 10
1/31/2014Great Meadow CFComstock inmate in solitary accused of throwing urine at guard- Times Union
1/29/2014Watertown CFThree corrections officers injured- Watertown Daily Times
1/28/2014Wyoming CFInmate charged with assaulting 3 guards at western NY prison; sgt. suffers serious head injury- The Republic - WIVB
1/27/2014Ulster CFPolice say Ulster inmate had weapon made from a metal lid- Record Online - Mid-Hudson News
1/26/2014Marcy CFDuring an area frisk of the visit room, 142 grams of synthetic marijuana was found.
1/26/2014Marcy CFInmate assaulted visitor in the visit room and was escorted from the visit room. During the escort, the inmate pushed an officer and had to be restrained.
1/23/2014Cape Vincent CFInmate admits trying to possess narcotic at Cape Vincent prison- Watertown Daily Times
1/22/2014CNY PCPatient charged and struck staff in the head and face.
1/22/2014Attica CFCorrection Officer Stabbed Multiple Times by Inmate at Attica- Press Release - WIVB
1/21/2014Attica CFInmate threw unknown liquid on two officers striking them in face.
1/21/2014Attica CFInmate barricaded his cell completely obstructing visibility. Officers entered cell and inmate became combative and struck several officers including one officer struck in the head requiring hospitalization.
1/19/2014CNY PCStaff broke up a fight between patients.
1/18/2014Orleans CFUnion: Orleans Correctional inmate attacks guard- Daily News
1/16/2014Marcy CFTwo Officers and a Sergeant were assaulted by an inmate who was being admitted in the SHU. Inmate struck the Officer as he was being uncuffed. Responding Sergeant and additional Officer were also struck.
1/16/2014Gouverneur CFInmate being escorted to SHU struck an officer and sergeant in the face. The inmate continued to struggle and injured another officers wrist. - North Country Now
1/16/2014CNY PCPatient grabbed a phone and hit a Treatment Assistant several times including the face.
1/16/2014CNY PCStaff injured while breaking up a fight.
1/14/2014Shawangunk CFAn inmate was observer putting a pill in his mouth. The inmate was approached by an Officer and ordered to spit out the pill. The inmate refused and became combative. The inmate kicked an Officer in the ribs and another Officer in the leg.
1/12/2014Elmira CFA visitor of an inmate was observed placing objects into a snack bag. An Officer confiscated the snack bag and observed several balloons containing a green leafy substance. The visitor was escorted to another area and supervisor notified. The inmate that was being visited tried to gain access to the area where the visitor was being detained. The inmate was restrained and during the process bit an officer on the hand and refused orders to release his bite. The inmate was brought under control and escorted from the area. The inmate was frisked and during the frisk process kicked an Officer in the hand. - Star Gazette
1/11/2014Wyoming CFOfficer was assaulted from behind after inmate refused direct order. Officer suffered lower back and knee injuries.
1/10/2014Upstate CFFelony Offenders sentenced - Press Republican
1/9/2014Auburn CFAuburn prison inmate found with 2 shanks will stay in prison -
1/6/2014Elmira CFDuring a cell search, inmate was found in possession of a plexiglass shank. While the inmate was being restrained, he elbowed an Officer in the face.
1/6/2014CNY PCPatient became unruly during morning Med pass swinging at Treatment Assistant. Treatment Assistant suffered injury to hand and arm.
1/6/2014CNY PC2 patients were fighting and refused to separate, in which time patient punched Treatment Assistant in the head.
1/4/2014Elmira CFInmate punched Officer in the face.
1/2/2014CNY PCPatient spit on Treatment Assistant during restraint
12/31/2013CNY PCPatient threatened staff with a knife and attempted to punch staff.
12/31/2013Marcy CFInmate Arrested For Throwing Human Waste Into Correction Officer's Eyes - Press Release - Utica OD
12/30/2013CNY PCPatient assaulted Treatment Assistant. Responding Treatment Assistant also suffered minor injuries while assisting.
12/29/2013CNY PCPatient became agitated at staff direction. Patient swung and landed a glancing blow the the Treatment Assistants face.
12/27/2013Green Haven CFInmate refused to lock in his cell and was ordered to place his hands on the wall, at which time he immediately struck the Sergeant in the face. Responding Officer was also struck in the face. Both Sergeant and Officer remained on duty.
12/26/2013Marcy CFInmate was being escorted and punched a Sergeant in the face. The inmate was then punched another Officer as restraints were being removed.
12/25/2013Marcy CFInmate threw what appeared to be feces in the face and eyes of a correction officer. Officer suffered injury to the eyes and remains out of work. Press Release
12/23/2013CNY PCPatient became agitated over medication. Patient then struck Treatment Assistant in the face.
12/21/2013CNY PCPatient became extremely violent and attacked multiple SHTA's, injuring all of them.
12/21/2013CNY PCPatient punched Treatment Assistant in the head knocking the Assistant to the floor causing injury.
12/20/2013CNY PCPatient kicked Treatment Assistant in the knee.
12/18/2013CNY PCPatient punched at staff and tried to bite.
12/18/2013CNY PCPatients were fighting and staff was injured breaking up the fight.
12/17/2013Riverview CFOgdensburg inmate accused of possession weapon- The Journal
12/17/2013Creedmoor PCPatient threw a cup of urine in an Officers face.
12/17/2013Riverview CFOgdensburg inmate accused of drug possession- The Journal
12/16/2013Coxsackie CFInmate became upset when told his court trip had been cancelled. Inmate refused to comply with orders, became combative and began punching/kicking the Officers. Additional Officers responded to call for helpand were also struck. Inmate was subdued after violent resistance and admitted to SHU. One Officer suffered injuries requiring 17 stitches, multiple contusions. Additional Officer suffered minor injuries. Press Release - Times Union
12/14/2013Green Haven CFInmate was being escorted back to the block during chow run after failure to obey orders. During the escort inmate became combative punching the Officer in the face. Inmate was placed in SHU. The Officer suffered facial injuries and sent to outside medical. Press Release - TimesUnion
12/12/2013CNY PCPatient came out of room throwing punches at staff. During restraint threatened to kill staff.
12/12/2013CNY PCPatient struck two staff members and another patient. While patient was being restrained, he spit blood on staff.
12/11/2013Attica CFInmate assaults an officer and punches him in the face resulting in a broken nose
12/9/2013Attica CFInmate attempted to punch an Officer
12/8/2013CNY PCPatient hit Treatment Assistant in the face
12/7/2013CNY PCPatient punched a Treatment Assistant in the face
12/7/2013Green Haven CFOfficer Violently Assaulted at Green Haven - Poughkeepsie Journal
12/5/2013Attica CFInmate attacked an officer
12/5/2013Attica CFOfficials investigate two inmate deaths at Attica Correctional Facility- DailyNews
12/5/2013Clinton CFClinton inmate charged with possession of contraband- Press Republican
12/5/2013Clinton CFClinton inmate charged with possession of contraband- Press Republican
12/5/2013CNY PCPatient slapped Treatment Assistant in the face
12/5/2013Creedmoor PCPatient attempted to strike staff. When restrained, patient pulled out hair of Officer and pushed others to the floor.
12/5/2013CNY PCPatient punched Treatment Assistant in the face
12/3/2013CNY PCPatient attacked Treatment Assistant and injured him.
12/1/2013CNY PCPatient became aggressive and was restrained by staff.
11/28/2013CNY PCPatient refused staff orders to go back to his room. Patient then attacked staff and injured four Treatment Assistants.
11/27/2013CNY PCPatient bit Treatment Assistant multiple times.
11/27/2013CNY PCPatient attacked staff and injured a Treatment Assistant.
11/26/2013CNY PCPatient became violent and injured a Treatment Assistant.
11/26/2013Cape Vincent CFInmates charged with weapons possession- Watertown Daily Times
11/26/2013Clinton CFAn inmate plead guilty to second-degree assault and was sentenced to 7 years of determinate prison time with 5 years post release supervision - Press Republican
11/25/2013CNY PCPatient became aggressive with staff and injured a Treatment Assistant.
11/25/2013Greene CFIncoming package being processed contained three cans with unknown items taped to the outside of the cans. The items were later identified as 2 pills and 43 paper tabs of suboxone. Inmate placed in SHU pending investigation. NYSP were notified.
11/24/2013Clinton CFAnother inmate charges with weapon possession- Press Republican
11/24/2013Clinton CFInmate charges with weapon possession- Press Republican
11/22/2013Shawangunk CFInmate was being pat frisked when he attempted to elbow an officer in the face. The officer was able to block the blow.
11/21/2013Marcy CFSeveral inmate on inmate incidents throughout the day resulted in five unusual incidents.
11/20/2013Marcy CFOfficer was conducting a frisk of a common area. The officer reached on top of a cabinet and was stuck by the needle of a homemade tattoo machine hidden there.
11/20/2013CNYPCPatient assaulted treatment assistants and pushed them into a wall.
11/20/2013Wyoming CFInmate was attempting to flush contraband down the toilet. An officer tried to prevent the destruction of evidence and was pushed into a wall.
11/19/2013Greene CFThree cans processed in the Package Room contained 107.7 grams of marijuana. NYSP were contacted and Inmate was placed in SHU pending investigation.
11/18/2013Albany Med. CenterInmate became disruptive and while Sergeant attempted to counsel the inmate, the inmate suddenly raised his hands over his head and struck the Sergeant on his left wrist. The inmate attempted to raise his hands again when he was restrained by an assisting Officer. Sergeant suffered abrasions to his left wrist, was seen by medical but remained on duty.
11/13/2013CNYPCMultiple staff were injured when patient assaulted them. Staff suffered multiple injuries.
11/12/2013Marcy CFDuring transport of inmates from Wende back to Marcy - Inmate used a seatbelt to choke out the other inmate, until he was unconscious. Officers pulled to side of Thruway where a struggle ensued with inmate. Once under control Officers were instructed to drop the combative inmate at Auburn CF. Inmate regained consciousness and the Officers continued transport back to Marcy. It was noted that one of the Officers suffered a fractured hand and remains out of work.
11/11/2013CNYPCStaff attempted to break up a fight between patients. One of the patients then attempted to assault staff.
11/11/2013Albany Medical CenterCorrections Sergeant Assaulted by Inmate at Albany Medical Center- Press Release - WNYT - CBS6Albany
11/11/2013Kirby PCPatient ran in area and started swinging punches at the staff hitting him in the face and chest. Patient was redirected by staff. Staff suffered injuries to face and arm.
11/10/2013Mohawk CFRochester woman accused of sneaking pot into Rome correctional facility- Channel 2
11/8/2013Marcy CFInmate was confined and was observed eating his feces. The inmate was ordered to come out of his cell and the inmate refused. Chemical agents were used. The inmate still refused to comply and had to be physically removed. During the cell extraction, the inmate threw feces on an officer and a sergeant.
11/8/2013Clinton CFInmate was being packed up and became disruptive. The inmate swung at the officer and the officer blocked the blow.
11/7/2013Marcy CFInmate was moving through a metal detector area and needed to be pat frisked due to a prosthetic leg. During the frisk, a number of weapons were discovered along with what appeared to be drugs.
11/6/2013Eastern CFInmate was being pat frisked and failed to comply to staff direction. Inmate came off the wall and struck the officer conducting the frisk twice in the head.
11/5/2013Kirby FPCPatient attacked staff and punched them in the face several times.
11/5/2013Clinton AnnexInmate was being disruptive on a dorm. Inmate was removed from the dorm and pat frisked. During the frisk, the inmate elbowed the officer in the face.
11/5/2013Marcy CFMarcy inmate charged as fugitive-Utica OD
11/4/2013Altona CFInmate at Altona CF was arrested upon his release - Press Republican
11/1/2013Shawangunk CFSeveral inmates were observed fighting. Officers ordered inmates to stop fighting and one inmate complied. The remaining inmates confronted the officers. One inmate had a metal can lid that was used during the assault on the officers. Officers were able to apply mechanical restraints and take control of the situation. One officer was cut by the weapon.
10/30/2013Marcy CFOfficer confronted an inmate that was acting erratic, during this time the inmate fled the area between the housing units. Inmate was caught hiding behind the unit and placed on the wall for a pat frisk. During the frisk, inmate struck the Officer in the face. Inmate was secured and taken to RCPT for observation as he threatened to harm himself. Officer remained on duty.
10/27/2013Shawangunk CFInmate attempted to go through an area instead of following direct order to return to his cell from medical. After inmate complied and returned to cell he turned and aggressively bumped his chest into the Officer. Red Alert called and inmate transferred to SHU. All Officers remained on duty.
10/27/2013Marcy CFInmate threw a liquid smelling of urine on an officer
10/26/2013Attica CFA (2) on (1) Inmate fight in C yard, involving weapons. The inmates refused direct orders to stop fighting. Chemical agents were used. The(2)inmates identified as perpetrators were moved to SHU. The injured inmates were sent to hospital for treatment.
10/26/2013Mt. McGregorInmates were fighting in a dorm. Officers brought the incident under control.
10/25/2013Mt. McGregorThree inmates were involved in a fight. Officers responded and one officer was exposed to body fluids. Officers brought the incident under control. Officers sent to the hospital for evaluation.
10/23/2013Clinton CFInmate was observed getting into ma construction vehicle. Officers approached the inmate to stop him from getting into the vehicle. Inmate struck an officer in the face with a closed fist.
10/23/2013Shawangunk CFWhile escorting inmates to yard, Officer noticed inmate attempt to pass contraband to another inmate. When inmate was ordered to submit to pat frisk he came off the wall and punched the Officer. Responding Officer was also attacked with punches. Response team arrived, all Officers remained on duty.
10/20/2013CNYPCPatient assaulted staff by punching him in the mouth/face area. Staff suffered multiple injuries to the mouth.
10/19/2013Elmira CFElmira Locked Down For Third Time This Year
10/19/2013Groveland CFOfficer Injured at Groveland CF
10/17/2013Cayuga CFInmate refused an order from an officer and then swung at the officer. The officer was able to block the punch and take control of the inmate.
10/17/2013CNYPCPatient assaulted staff by punching her in the face. Staff suffered swelling and redness to face and neck
10/8/2013Chateaugay CFPrison supporters show strength, but will it be enough? - Malone Telegram
10/7/2013Attica CFInmate gets added time for drug possession - The Daily News
10/7/2013Monterey CFCouncil to State: Don't close Monterey - Star Gazette
10/6/2013Great MeadowFour women accused of trying to smuggle drugs into Great Meadow prison- Post Star
10/5/2013Camp GabrielsState tries another auction for Camp Gabriels prison - Adirondack Daily Enterprise
10/4/2013Shawangunk CFOfficer ordered 2 inmates to stop boxing - one inmate complied while the other inmate punched the Officer in the face. Inmate sent to SHU and Officer remained on duty
10/1/2013Gouverneur CFInmate Assaults Two Officers at Gouverneur Correctional Facility - Press Release - North Country Now - WNYF - Watertown Daily Times
9/29/2013Green Haven CFInmate refused to enter Block and lock in. When Officer ordered the inmate to enter the block the inmate punched the Officer in the head. An Assisting Officer was bitten in the wrist while restraining the inmate. Officers suffered minor injuries and all remained on duty.
9/29/2013Attica CFDuring the meal run, inmate was observed with something in his mouth. When inmate was questioned he struck the Officer in the face. Responding Officer also suffered a shoulder injury.
9/27/2013Greene CFInmate became disruptive in dorm area and during pat frisk inmate struck the officer multiple times in the face. Assisting Officer was also struck in the face. During disturbance additional inmates attempted to attack the officers, but were unsuccessful. Inmate was subdued and placed in SHU. Officer suffered multiple broken facial bones, lacerations to the face and knee and sent to outside hospital. Assisting Officer suffered contusion and remained on duty.
9/25/2013Mt. McGregor CFLegislators' bill aims to keep Mount McGregor prison closure debate open-The Saratogian
9/24/2013Greene CFInmate became disruptive during Academic School. During pat frisk inmate struck Officer in the face and continued to be combative. Officer remained on duty. Responding Officer suffered broken wrist.
9/23/2013Groveland CFInmate was suspected of possession of contraband drugs. Inmate was ordered to comply with a pat frisk. During the frisk, substances appearing to be marijuana and cocaine were found. Inmate then stopped complying with the frisk procedure and punched the officer in the face. A responding officer was also injured bringing the inmate under control.
9/21/2013Wyoming CFOfficer was assaulted by an inmate during counseling. Responding Officer injured while subduing the inmate. Both officers were sent to the hospital.
9/21/2013Wyoming CFSergeant injured when taking inmate to facility hospital after a fight. Sergeant suffered multiple injuries, including a concussion, seizure and broken wrist.
9/21/2013Wyoming CFOfficers injured at Wyoming - Press Release - Daily News
9/19/2013Five Points CFOfficer was struck in the neck and face by inmate after inmate's waist chain was removed so he could attend therapeutic programming.
9/18/2013Wyoming CFInmate charged following attack in Wyoming Correctional Facility- Buffalo News
9/14/2013Mid-Hudson PCA patient attacked a Treatment Assistant and punched the Assistant in the shoulder.
9/13/2013Attica CFAn officer was assigned to the chow run. During the run, an inmate struck the officer with a cane.
9/12/2013Attica CFAn officer was conducting a frisk on an inmate. The inmate struck the officer in the mouth.
9/12/2013Chateaugay CFTask Force to fight prison closure - Press Republican
9/10/2013Coxsackie CFDuring an escort from population to a confinement block inmate assaulted an Officer. Officer suffered injuries to head and concussion.
9/10/2013Coxsackie CFAn inmate was ordered to show his ID card and failed to comply. Inmate returned to the housing unit and assaulted an officer.
9/7/2013Attica CFOfficer was conducting facility count. An inmate threw a feed up tray at the officer striking the officer in the chest.
9/5/2013Coxsackie CFInmate refused to comply with frisk procedure and punched an officer in the face.
9/3/2013Coxsackie/GreeneCO's raise money for kids at Albany Med - The Daily Mail
9/3/2013Five PointsFive Points Incidents Labor Day Weekend - PR Newswire
8/30/2012Kirby PCPatient was in the yard and was approaching other patients in an intimidating manner. Treatment Assistant spoke with the patient and the patient charged the Treatment Assistant and punched him in the back, arm and neck.
8/30/2013Sullivan CFInmate charged an officer and grabbed the officer in the chest area. Other officers responded and the inmate assaulted the officers by kicking, punching and elbowing them.
8/30/2013Sullivan CFDuring an escort, an inmate assaulted an officer by punching the officer in the mouth.
8/28/2013Mt. McGregor CFOfficer was conducting a frisk on an inmate. Inmate failed to comply with frisk orders and grabbed the officer. Inmate was brought under control.
8/26/2013Kirby FPCPatient attacked Treatment Assistant by punching him in the head.
8/26/2013Sullivan CFAn inmate being pat frisked refused to comply with frisk procedures and struck an officer in the eye with his elbow. A responding officer was also injured.
8/24/2013Attica CFOfficer was assigned to conduct a urinalysis test on an inmate. The officer conducted a pat frisk of the inmate prior to collecting the urine sample. The officer discovered an object in the inmates groin area that was leaking liquid. The inmate then punched the officer in the head. The inmate was brought under control and escorted to SHU. During the admission process into SHU, it was discovered that the inmate had a plastic bag with liquid inside taped to his penis.
8/22/2013Mt. McGregor CFOfficer was conducting a pat frisk on an inmate. The inmate ignored direction to comply with frisk procedures and elbowed the officer in the shoulder.
8/21/2013Attica CFThree Attica Corrections Officers Violently Attacked, one remains hospitalized- PR Newswire - WIVB - TheDailyNews Online
8/6/2013Downstate CFAn inmate became aggressive with staff and refused orders to comply with a pat frisk. Inmate punched an responding officer. Inmate was biting and kicking the officers until he was subdued.
8/6/2013Green Haven CFOfficer was using a hand-held metal detector to scan inmates into an event. The bag an inmate was carrying caused the scanner to alarm. The officer pat frisked the inmate and then searched the bag. Tobacco pouches were discovered in the bag and confiscated as they were not allowed into the event. The inmate became disruptive and charged the officer, striking the officer in the face with a closed fist. Other officers responded and restrained the inmate. Meanwhile, approx. 35 inmates in the area observed the incident and disregarded the officers orders to back away from the area. An inmate in the crowd shouted to kill an officer. It took additional staff to bring the situation under control.
8/6/2013Green Haven CFInmate threw feces on two officers.
8/5/2013Gowanda CFInmate argued with staff and refused an order to submit to a pat frisk. Inmate took a defensive stance and raised his fists at staff. Staff used body holds to restrain the inmate. As inmate was being escorted, he tripped the escorting officers causing the officers to fall down the stairs.
8/3/2013BroomeGuest Viewpoint: Task force should discuss mental health changes -
8/2/2013Chateaugay CFCounty takes stand against prison closure - Press Republican
8/2/2013Clinton CFInmate charged with promoting prison contraband - Press Republican
7/27/2013BinghamtonPlan to consolidate Binghamton inpatient mental health care comes with human price -
7/26/2013Broome D.C.State to close Broome Developmental Center -
7/26/2013Greene CFOfficer making rounds was struck with an unknown liquid smelling of urine.
7/26/2013Orleans CFCorrection Officer Recovering as State Investigates Apparent Poisoning- Press Release - WKBW
7/23/2013St. Lawrence P.C.Psych Center patient charged with stabbing a staffer for the second time in a week - Watertown Daily Times
7/17/2013OMHMental health advocates endorse Gov. Cuomo's plan - Troy Record
7/17/2013OMHCity police investigating stabbing at psych center - Watertown Daily Times
7/17/2013OMHLegislators support St. Lawrence Psychiatric Task Force - Watertown DailyTimes
7/16/2013OMHPetition drive for Elmira Psych Center - Star Gazzette
7/14/2013Clinton CFVisitor arrest for prison contraband- Press Republican
7/11/2013OMHNine state psychiatric centers to close in plan- Times Union
7/9/2013Upstate / Altona CF3 prison employees receive medals of merit - Press Republican
7/8/2013Elmira CFLockdown continues at Elmira Correctional Facility - Star Gazette
7/6/2013Elmira CFNYSCOPBA Officers Foil Detailed Escape Plot at Elmira Correctional Facility-Press Release - Star Gazette - WETM - Fox 40 WICZ
7/4/2013Otisville CFInmate became combative with Officer during pat frisk, attempting to knock the Officer over. Inmate was placed in restraints and sent to SHU
7/4/2013Sing Sing CFOssining's Sing Sing museum plans get new look -
7/3/2013Green Haven CFInmate spit blood in an officers face.
7/2/2013Wyoming CFInmate was acting aggressively with a civilian staff member. Officer intervened and placed inmate in position for a pat frisk. Inmate refused to comply with pat frisk and attempted to strike the officer with a closed fist. Officer was able to avoid the blow and control the inmate.
7/1/2013Fishkill CFOfficer Survives Attack at Fishkill CF- Press Release - Poughkeepsie Journal
6/28/2013Southport CFInmate in a cell appeared to be unresponsive. When officers entered the cell to assist the inmate, the inmate attacked the officers. Two officers were punched in the head and kicked.
6/28/2013Lyon Mt. C.F.Former prison to be sold at auction - Press Republican
6/27/2013Great Meadow CFPrisoner to face attempted murder charge for attack on correction officer- PostStar
6/25/2013Cape Vincent CFAlbany woman pleads guilty to bringing drugs into Cape Vincent prison- Watertown Daily Times
6/25/2013Upstate CFInmate pleads guilty to contraband charge. - Press Republican
6/23/2013Wyoming CFOfficer was counseling an inmate. The inmate put his hands on the officers chest. The officer blocked the inmates hands and the inmate punched the officer in the head.
6/23/2013StatewideCuomo says he will sign SAFE Act exemption for retired police - Poughkeepsie Journal
6/23/2013Clinton CFInmate charged with possession of prison contraband - Press Republican
6/23/2013Clinton CFPrison program to be eliminated - Press Republican
6/21/2013Wyoming CFAn inmate attempted to spit on an officer and then kicked the officer several times.
6/19/2013Five Points CFInmate was attempting to inflict self harm with a cutting instrument. Officers entered inmates cell to prevent the inmate from harming himself. Inmate struggled with the officers and cut one officer with a can lid. The inmate bit the other officer three times. The inmate then stabbed at an officer with a pen and kicked another in the groin. Inmate was escorted to the medical unit where he began pounding his head against the walls. The inmate then appeared to be fainting but then lunged at an officer and knocked the officer to the floor.Press Release - Seneca Daily
6/19/2013Great Meadow CFCorrection officer stabbed at Great Meadow- Press Release, Post Star, WNYT
6/19/2013Clinton CFInmate at Clinton CF charged with two felonies after assaulting officer - Press Republican
6/19/2013Clinton CFInmate at Clinton CF charged with possessing a weapon - Press Republican
6/18/2013Five Points CFInmates were being escorted in an elevator. One inmate began to jump up and down which caused the elevator to malfunction and return to the basement. The inmate was ordered to comply with staff orders and he refused. The inmate then bit an officer and attempted to bite other officers. Press Release
6/17/2013MHPCTreatment Assistant was attacked by a patient and punched in the face several times
6/17/2013St. Lawrence PCPostcard campaign aims to reinforce effort to save St. Lawrence Psychiatric Center - Watertown Daily Times
6/12/2013Clinton CFA Mooers man arrested for allegedly possessing drugs while in prison - Press Republican
6/12/2013Bare Hill CFInmate charged after allegedly carrying and concealing a knife - Press Republican
6/11/2013Attica CFAttica CO hurt in attack - The Daily News
6/10/2013Orleans CFOfficer observed a fight between two inmates. The officer responded and attempted to stop the fight. During the struggle, the officer was knocked down and suffered injuries to the knee and back.
6/10/2013Wyoming CFNumerous weapons discovered after inmate fight at Wyoming Correctional -Press Release
6/8/2013Wyoming CFAn officer was pat frisking an inmate. The inmate refused to comply with the frisk procedure and swung at the officer. A responding officer joined in attempting to control the inmate. The inmate continued to struggle with the officers before the situation was brought under control.
6/8/2013Wyoming CFAn officer observed a fight between two inmates involving weapons. The officer attempted to break up the fight and was attacked by one of the inmates. The officer was struck in the back of the head several times and was heavily exposed to the inmates blood. Daily News
6/6/2013Sullivan CFDuring a pat frisk, an inmate attempted to swing his elbow into the officers face. The officer was able to block the blow.
6/2/2013Mid State CFWhile attempting to subdue an inmate during a fight, Officer was swung into a structural support beam of a pavilion. Officer suffered broken ribs, bruised lung and possible fracture. Officer has been hospitalized. Press Release
5/29/2013Mid-State CFOfficer was attempting to lock an inmate into a cell. Inmate kicked the officer in the hand and fractured the officers wrist.
5/28/2013Marcy CF2 inmates charged with weapon possession- Utica OD
5/26/2013CNYPCStaff was injured while breaking up fight between two patients. Staff suffered injury to right shoulder
5/24/2013Elmira CFInmate was being interviewed by a Sergeant when the inmate rushed at the Sergeant and punched him in the jaw. Inmate continued to struggle with responding officers injuring one officer.
5/21/2013Coxsackie CFInmate was ordered to comply with pat frisk due to suspicious activity. Inmate refused to comply and struck the officer in the face.
5/20/2013Marcy CFInmate charged with weapon possession- Utica OD
5/20/2013Attica CFAn inmate was released from MHU back to SHU. Once in SHU the inmate immediately began threatening self harm. The inmate then flooded his cell and continued attempting to harm himself by repeatedly hitting his head and body against the cell walls. Medical staff was notified and the inmate was taken to the facility medical center. Once at medical, the inmate assaulted three officers including biting them and one officer was seriously injured. WIVB - Democrat & Chronicle - WHEC
5/19/2013Kirby PCPatient assaulted an officer by punching the officer in the head and throwing feces on the officer.
5/19/2013Coxsackie CFInmate attempted to assault an officer but was restrained
5/16/2013Kirby PCPatient attacked two Treatment Assistants, slamming one up against a door and grabbing the other in the buttocks and breast areas.
5/16/2013St. Lawrence PCSt. Lawrence Psychiatric Center's fate could be known by Monday- Watertown Daily Times
5/15/2013Gouverneur CFInmate pleads guilty to sale of marijuana Watertown Daily Times
5/10/2013St. Lawrence PCTask force to push psychiatric facility- Watertown Daily Times
Camp Georgetown sells for $241,000, but future use still unknown- Post Standard
5/8/2013St. Lawrence PCJefferson Legislators oppose closure of St. Lawrence Psychiatric Center, postpone jail doc decision again- Watertown Daily Times
5/8/2013St. Lawrence PCFight to keep state psychiatric center open- Watertown Daily Times
5/7/2013Kirby PCPatient threw and smeared feces on staff and walls.
5/1/2013St. Lawrence PCAgencies speak out against psych center closing- Watertown Daily Times
4/30/2013Mid-Hudson RegionValley fundraisers helping shooting victims- UticaOD
4/27/2013Green Haven CFFire believed to be intentionally set at Green Have Correctional - Poughkeepsie Journal
4/26/2013Kirby PCDuring a treatment, patient assaulted officer. Officer suffered facial injuries
4/26/2013Lyon Mt.Lyon Mountain Correctional to go up for auction - Press Republican
4/26/2013Mid-Orange CFFormer prison is pitched for development -
4/25/2013Marcy CFQuick thinking by NYSCOPBA Officers - Press Release
Bomb making materials seized in Marcy Correctional lockdown - WKTV
4/23/2013Gouverneur CFWoman Accused of Trying To Smuggle Drugs into Gouverneur Prison - - Watertown Daily Times News Article
4/23/2013Attica CFRelease of Attica Riot records seems likely - The Daily News
4/22/2013Marcy CFLockdown lifted at Marcy Correctional Facility- News Channel 2
4/22/2013Marcy CF'Suspicious object' prompts evacuation, lockdown at Marcy prison- Utica OD
4/19/2013Mid-Hudson FPCPatient attacked Treatment Assistant by striking the SHTA in the head with a rock
4/17/2013Downstate CFOfficer was giving direction to an inmate, the inmate reached for something. After inmate was subdued he bit an Officer on the arm. Officer suffered minor injuries.
4/16/2013Downstate CFOfficer injured when responding to break up a fight between 2 inmates. Officer suffered minor injuries
4/15/2013Downstate CFWhile escorting inmate down a staircase, inmate turned and elbowed Officer in the face - Office suffered minor facial injuries
4/15/2013Marcy CFWoman accused of sneaking drugs in to jail - UticaOD
4/10/2013Great Meadow CFTear gas used to calm Great Meadow brawl-
4/10/2013Bayview CF/ Beacon CFPrisoner advocates foresee problems after shuttering Bayview and Beacon - Legislative Gazette
4/10/2013Wende CFInmate was being let out of a cell for an interview. Inmate attacked an officer without warning. Officer suffered a fractured shoulder.
4/9/2013Wende CfOfficer was providing coverage in a hallway. An inmate approached the officer and struck the officer without warning.
4/8/2013Lakeview CFDuring a pat frisk the inmate came off the wall and elbowed the officer in the face. Officer suffered injury to the face and eye.
4/8/2013Ogdensburg CFMan charged with smuggling razor into jail - Watertown Daily Times
4/6/2013GowandaDuring draft process inmate became verbal and then lunged at the officer. Inmate was subdued and office suffered injuries to the head and hand. Officer seen by Facility Medical.
4/5/2013StatewideOrganization aids jail staff in need - Press Republican
4/4/2013GreeneDuring an inmate fight, two Officers were injured while trying to subdue the inmates. Both Officers were seen by facility medical, remained on duty.
3/24/2013Cape Vincent CFAlbany woman held on drug charges at Cape Vincent prison- Watertown Daily Times
3/22/2013Clinton CFInmate charged with weapon possession- Police Log, Press Republican
3/22/2013Clinton CFInmate charged with weapon possession- Police Log, Press Republican
3/20/2013Marcy CFInmate in SHU threw fluids on an officer
3/19/2013Marcy CFInmate in SHU threw fluids on an officer
3/18/2013Bare Hill CFSentences handed down in Franklin County Court- Press Republican
3/17/2013CNYPCPatient was aggressive towards staff. Patient broke free while being restrained and kneed staff in the ribs. Red dot was initiated ans patient was restrained. Staff suffered injury to rib cage area.
3/12/2013Greene CFTwo Officers Assaulted by Inmate Suspected of Gang Activity - Press Release
3/7/2013Marcy CFAn officer observed an inmate in the bathroom acting suspiciously. When the officer approached the inmate, the inmate placed n object in his pocket. The inmate refused to give the object to the officer and further refused the officers orders to submit to a pat frisk. The inmate attempted to incite other inmates in the area to attack the officer by shouting "Take this officer down". The inmate struggled with the officer to stop the officer from frisking him. Several inmates were responding to the bathroom area and the officer activated his personal alarm. The inmate took the object from his pocket and threw it toward the crowd of inmates where it was kicked around and lost from the officers sight.
3/5/2013Midstate CFMidstate CF inmate faces weapons charge - News Story
3/4/2013Sullivan CFDuring inmate escort back to cell, inmate turned and spit on Officer, hitting him in the face.
2/28/2013Greene CFOfficer observed an inmate using gang related gestures. When the officer went to question the inmate about his activities, the inmate assaulted the officer. The inmate punched the officer several times in the head. Response staff arrived and inmate continued to struggle. Inmate was brought under control and restraints applied.
2/28/2013Marcy CFMarcy Correctional Officer Victim Of Latest Prison Assault - News Story - Press Release
2/28/2013Mid State CFInmate at Midstate accused of possessing a shank - News Story
2/26/2013Marcy CFWoman accused of smuggling marijuana to inmate in Marcy - News Story
2/25/2013Wyoming CFMan fined for mailing prison contraband - News Story
2/24/2013Coxsackie CFInmate was non-compliant when leaving visit room and assaulted an Officer and Sergeant, resulting in minor injuries
2/23/2013Greene CFAn inmate became disruptive in dorm area. An officer approached the inmate and was punched by the inmate. In the attempt to control the situation the Office was also bitten by the inmate. The inmate was subdued and the officer was treated at facility medical.- Press Release
2/22/2013Franklin CFA New York City woman was charged with introducing contraband into a prison - News Story
2/17/2013Green Haven CFInmate assaulted an officer by punching the officer in the face. The inmate was subdued and then spit in an officers face.
2/13/2013Woodbourne CFInmate assaults correction officer during pat frisk - News Story
2/11/2013Woodbourne CFOfficer was conducting a pat frisk on an inmate. The officer observed an object in the inmates sock. The inmate then turned around and assaulted the officer.
2/11/2013Wyoming CFInmate was directed to go to his cube by a Sergeant. The inmate initially complied and then rushed at the Sergeant. The inmate struck the Sergeant in the face and a responding officer in the chest. While attempting to restrain the inmate, the inmate continued to strike the Sergeant about the head and body and the officer in the body and groin.
2/7/2013MidstateInmate arrested for possessing a weapon - News Story
2/6/2013Elmira CFInmate convicted of hiding X-Acto blades in rectum- The Leader
2/4/2013Marcy CFWoman tried to smuggle drugs into Marcy - News Story
2/2/2013Orleans CFInmate became disruptive when returning to his cell from visit. Inmate resists orders and grabbed Officer and pulled him into the cell. Second Officer assists and both Officers escort inmate to holding pen.
2/2/2013Cape Vincent CFCourt upholds conviction of inmate who had heroin - News Story
2/1/2013Elmira CFTwo Civilian employees arrested - News Story
1/29/2013Elmira CFElmira Locked Down- Press Release - Elmira Star-Gazette - WBNG - YNN
1/22/2013Wyoming CFInmate and visitor accept plea bargain- News Story
1/20/2013Greene CFAn inmate became disruptive in a dorm area. An officer attempted to control the situation and ordered the inmate to submit to a pat frisk. During the frisk, the inmate elbowed the officer several times in the ribs. The officer attempted to restrain the inmate and the inmate continued to punch the officer in the ribs.
1/18/2013Midstate CFInmate accused of sodomizing cell mate- News Story
1/16/2013Sullivan CFAn officer was making rounds and an inmate threw a liquid substance in the officers face.
1/16/2013CNYPCPatient punched staff member in the face while in day room. Additional staff intervened to subdue patient, which was done by using the PMCS Wrap. Staff suffered injury to left side of the face and left knee. Assisting staff suffered injury to back and shoulders
1/16/2013Franklin CFInmate assaults a Correction Officer- News Story - Press Release
1/15/2013Franklin CFInmate attacked two Correction Officers- News Story - News Story
1/13/2013Sullivan CFAn officer was attempting to lock an inmate in a cell when the inmate became violent. The inmate spit in the offices face and punched him in the head. The officer then attempted to restrain the inmate and the inmate bit the officer on the arm.
1/12/2013Groveland CFInmate struck an officer in the face with his elbow.
1/11/2013Auburn CFInmate arrested for promoting prison contraband- News Story
1/10/2013Auburn CFInmate found guilty of assaulting a Correction Officer - News Story
1/10/2013Midstate CFA Sergeant was interviewing an inmate when the inmate became disruptive. The inmate assaulted the Sergeant by punching him several times in the head.
1/3/2013Watertown CFInmate charged with drug possession - News Story
1/2/2013Adirondack CFOfficers responded to a multiple inmate fight. While attempting to bring the inmates under control, the inmates turned on the officers and assaulted them. Two officers injured and remain out of work.
1/2/2013Fishkill CFAn officer was pat frisking an inmate as directed by a supervisor. The inmate failed to comply with verbal direction related to the frisk. The inmate struck the officer in the face with an elbow. The officer attempted to subdue the inmate and the inmate continued to strike the officer about the head several times.
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