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Multiple Officers Injured at Great Meadow Correctional Facility

Violence Erupts in Recreation Yard, Inmates Attack Staff Facility Locked Down After Incident Comstock, NY –  Over a dozen officers were injured, five going to a local hospital with injuries, when a large group of inmates attacked staff in the recreation yard of the...

Ogdensburg, NY – Staff at Riverview Correctional Facility seized drugs at the prison last week when a woman who was at the facility to visit an inmate surrender drugs to investigators. In addition, officers discovered drugs hidden inside a loaf of bread mailed to an...

Officers Injured at Five Points Correctional Facility

One Inmate Attacked Staff Twice in Three Day Period Romulus, NY – Multiple officers were injured in four separate attacks at the maximum security correctional facility, including one inmate who attacked officers twice in a three day period. The first incident occurred...

Inmate Attempts to Escape Columbia County Courthouse

Albany, NY – A 26 year old inmate, who is currently serving a seven year sentence for Assault 1st, attempted to escape the Columbia County Courthouse during the sentencing proceeding in a murder case that occurred in Columbia County.   Full Press Release

Multiple Inmates Injured at Elmira Correctional Facility

Elmira, NY – In less than three months since the HALT Act has been in effect, violence inside State Correctional Facilities continues to skyrocket as staff had to quell six inmate on inmate fights at Elmira Correctional Facility, with multiple participants cut or...

Nine Officers Injured at Great Meadow Correctional Facility

One Officer Slashed by Inmate Who Was Cutting Himself Comstock, NY – Nine officers were injured, including one officer who was cut twice on the arm, by an inmate who was armed with a piece of plastic mirror at the maximum security correctional facility on Monday. The...

Officer Stabbed at Attica Correctional Facility

Sustains Puncture Wound to Hand Coming to the Aid of Inmate Being Attacked Attica, NY – An officer assigned to the mess hall sustained a puncture wound to his hand when he came to the aid of an inmate who was being attacked by several inmates at the maximum security...

Officers Injured at Wende & Elmira Correctional Facilities

Republican Sponsored Bill Announced Today Calls for Repeal of HALT Weekly Assaults on Staff Reach Record Levels According to DOCCS Statistics Albany, NY – Senate and Assembly Republicans were joined by NYSCOPBA members today at the State Capitol to announce...

Officers Injured at Sing Sing Correctional Facility

Ossining, NY – Six officers’ sustained injuries in three separate attacks at Sing Sing Correctional Facility and one inmate was slashed in the face and neck during one of the incidents as violence continues to plague state prisons amid the HALT Act implementation-Full...

Staff Injured at Mid-State Correctional Facility

Inmate Fakes Suicide Attempt to Lure Officers Into Cell Marcy, NY –  Five officers were injured at Mid-State Correctional Facility on Sunday after they entered an inmate’s cell when it appeared he was attempting suicide and suddenly he attacked the officers who came...

Officers Injured at Orleans & Albion Correctional Facilities

Albion, NY –   Inmate violence continues to plaque state prisons as several officers were injured at Orleans and Albion Correctional Facilities following unprovoked attacks at the two medium security prisons. Full Press Release 

Two Sergeants Thrown On at Collins Correctional Facility

Collins , NY –   Two sergeants at the medium security correctional facility sustained significant exposure after two inmates threw feces and urine on them in two separate incidents last week. Full Press Release 

Officer Injured by Inmate at Marcy Correctional Facility

Marcy, NY – A female officer was injured and taken to a local hospital for her injuries after an inmate attacked her after she gave him orders to get off the phone at the medium security correctional facility last week. Full Press Release 

Officer Injured at Bedford Hills Correctional Facility

Bedford Hills, NY – An inmate attacked an officer at the maximum security correctional facility for women after the inmate refused several orders not to leave the mess hall and punched the officer several times in the head after he administered OC spray.   Full Press...

More Violence at Great Meadow Correctional Facility

Comstock, NY – Two officer’s sustained minor injuries when an inmate attacked them in the mess hall and one inmate was cut with a make-shift weapon in the recreation yard at the maximum security correctional facility last week. Full Press Release 

Assaults on Staff Continue at Elmira Correctional Facility

Officer Sustains Concussion After Being Attacked Elmira, NY – A sergeant and five officers were injured at Elmira Correctional Facility after two separate attacks at the maximum security prison last week. The first incident occurred on Thursday, April 14. An officer...

Multiple Officers Injured at Orleans Correctional Facility

Albion, NY –   Several inmate on inmate fights over a two day period resulted in multiple officers getting injured while attempting to stop the fights at Orleans Correctional Facility last week. Full Press Release