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New York State Correctional Officers & Police Benevolent Association, Inc.

On a damp, chilly October 14th western New York Sunday night, Wende Correctional Officer David True was homebound in a Uber taxi.  Traveling north through Orchard Park, a suburb of Buffalo, on a well traveled road at the conclusion of some volunteer work; Officer True and his cabman happened upon a one vehicle accident adjacent to a train bridge abutment.  Officer True injected himself immediately into the accident scene upon seeing an unconscious male subject half ejected from the vehicle and hemorrhaging blood.  Defaulting to his department first aid training, Officer True was able to relax into critical incident mode while assuming control.  He ordered the cabman to alert 911 for EMS, while simultaneously employing life saving direct pressure to stop the hemorrhaging.  Additionally, Officer True was able to identify a pedestrian in close proximity who witnessed the incident unfold so local police could take meaning of the accident remnants.  Once relieved by EMS, Office True advised them of his actions while providing town police his information to bring conclusion to the matter.  Unrecognized to Officer True at the time, but the subject in the wreckage was a Correctional Lieutenant assigned to Wende Correctional Facility.

Wende CSS – S. Keenen, CO D. True, Western Region VP Miano, President Powers