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New York State Correctional Officers & Police Benevolent Association, Inc.

Statement from Michael B. Powers, President of the New York State Correctional Officers & Police Benevolent Association (NYSCOPBA), on New York State deferring negotiated raises for members:

“Today’s news is yet another slap in the face to the brave men and women in law enforcement and those on the front lines of keeping order in our state’s prison system and our mental health facilities. Our members are working day and night and are subject to some of the most dangerous conditions in the state. With hundreds of our members testing positive for COVID-19 and hundreds more quarantined, the risks are real. Every single member of our union is essential, going into work every day, putting their own health and the health of their families in jeopardy. In fact, some of our quarantined members have been ordered back to work early. Simply put, we will not stand for this. First the state denies our members personal protective equipment and now this. It’s time for the Governor and the State to step up and rightfully compensate our members.”