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New York State Correctional Officers & Police Benevolent Association, Inc.

NYSCOPBA represents over 26,000 New York State employees and retirees from the Security Services Unit. Our Union was formed in May 1998 and since that time has provided superior representation to our membership under the independent and democratic model. Our Mission continued...

Contract Updates


January 12, 2007Decision on lawsuit for interest on arbitration award
October 18, 2006Payroll Bulletin 663- NYSCOPBA Dues and Agency Shop Fee Increase and Retroactive Adjustment
October 11, 2006

Response from the NYS Comptrollers Office of questions asked by NYSCOPBA (sample scenarios)

Payroll Bulletin 662- Arbitration Award Implementation of Overtime and Pre-Shift Briefing

August 29, 2006Payroll Bulletin 655 - Retroactive Increase of Uniform Allowance

Payroll Bulletin 648 A - Cash Advance Payment
August 21, 2006Recent Q & A presented to the NYS Comptrollers Office
August 11, 2006Comptroller releases paydates / Tax information regarding retro checks
August 8, 2006Payroll Bulletin 648 - Cash Advance Payment
August 7, 2006

NYSCOPBA pressures Comptroller to speed up Pay Dates


Update on the Petition seeking Interest on the Arbitration Award

August 4, 2006No new update today
August 3, 2006No new update today
August 2, 2006No new update today
August 1, 2006Law Enforcement Day - August 25th at the New York State Fair! *Protest has been cancelled*
July 31, 2006No new update today
July 28, 2006No new update today
July 27, 2006No new update today- Although we encourage our members to continue to call the Comptrollers office to voice their concerns
July 26, 2006Written correspondence from our attorneys to the State Attorney General (they represent the Comptroller in the confirmation litigation) demanding answers regarding the implementation of the arbitration award.
July 25, 2006No new update today- Communication continues
July 24, 2006State Comptrollers Office was served with a petition from the States Attorney Generals Office seeking Interest on Arbitration Award
July 21, 2006Continuous communication with the NYS Comptroller's Office - Vic Mallison stated that the Comptroller's Office may be getting closer to a date of payment
July 20, 2006

Arbitration Newspaper Articles added

NYS Deferred Compensation Deductions from Advance Retroactive Payments- We have been notified that the $7,500 8/31/06 & approx. $820 9/27/06 advance retro payments will be included in the normal paycheck. As such, deductions for NYS Deferred Compensation will be deducted... <more here>

July 19, 2006Continuing communication with the Comptroller's Office
July 18, 2006Comptroller having internal meetings to discuss award. We continue to call several times a day. We hope our members are doing the same.
July 17, 2006Made several calls to the Comptroller to check on progress
July 14, 2006We met with the Comptrollers Office and the production team today to discuss our raises and why it will take so long to apply our salary increases.
July 13 - 14, 2006Responsed to Comptroller Hevesi's Press Release
July 13, 2006President Flanagan met with Comptroller Hevesi
July 12, 2006We met with the Comptroller's office today to continue the discussions on implementing the arbitration award. We are not satisfied with the progress of the award and we communicated our frustration to them. As such, President Flanagan will meet with Comptroller Hevesi in Manhattan on 7/13/2006 to discuss the delay in payment to our members. We are meeting with the Comptroller's Office again on 7/14/2006 where they have promised to assemble the production team responsible for implementing the award.
July 11, 2006No Update Today
July 10, 2006No Update Today
July 7, 2006President Flanagan met with the NYS Comptrollers Office, Executive Deputy Comptroller Diane Ritter, today to discuss the implementation of the arbitration award and to once again communicate the urgency of applying our raises and issuing retro checks. Ms. Ritter stated that she understands the difficult position we are in and the Comptroller's office is doing all it can to speed the payment to our members. She further stated that our award is very complex and unlike any they have had to implement to date, requiring the hiring of additional staff and internal restructuring within her office. President Flanagan was assured that the Comptrollers office will keep NYSCOPBA informed as to the progress of implementing the award.
July 6, 2006No Update Today
July 5, 2006Complete Arbitration documentation
July 3, 2006The paybill was signed into law by the Governor on 7/3/06.
June 30, 2006Paybill was delivered to Governor Pataki today. We are awaiting his signature.
June 22, 2006Update on Pay Bill - re: operational issues
June 21, 2006The Assembly has passed our paybill, bill number A11890
June 21, 2006The Senate has passed our paybill, bill number S8295
June 16, 2006The paybill has been introduced to the Assembly as bill number A11890 and to the Senate as bill number S8295
June 13, 2006Update on Pay Bill
May 31, 2006Update on Pay Bill
May 12, 2006Update on Pay Bill
Implementation of Arbitration Award
April 18, 2006Briefs submitted on behalf of the State of New York
April 18, 2006Briefs submitted on behalf of NYSCOPBA
March 30, 2006Recalculation of Retirement Benefits
March 24, 2006Health Insurance Changes - Arbitration Award
March 24, 2006Membership Mailing re: Arbitration Award
March 24, 2006Transcripts available for viewing - 12-07-05, 12-08-05
March 20, 2006Transcripts available for viewing - 11-29-05, 11-30-05
March 13, 2006Transcripts available for viewing - 11-8-05, 11-9-05
March 6, 2006Interest Arbitration Update
March 6, 2006Transcripts available for viewing - 10-3-05, 10-4-05
February 17, 2006Interest Arbitration Update
February 6, 2006Interest Arbitration Update
January 13, 2006Interest Arbitration Update
December 14, 2005Frequently Asked Arbitration Questions
December 9, 2005Interest Arbitration Update
December 1, 2005Interest Arbitration Update
November 10, 2005Interest Arbitration Hearing Update
October 3, 2005Interest Arbitration Opening Statement
July 29, 2005Contract Update
July 19, 2005Contract Update
July 15, 2005NYSCOPBA appoints New Negotiating Team
July 14th, 2005Contract Update
June 27th 2005Contract Update
May 16, 2005Contract Update
May 5, 2005Contract Update
April 25, 2005Contract Update
April 14, 2005Contract Update
April 8, 2005Contract Update
April 6, 2005Contract Update
March 17, 2005Contract Update
March 7, 2005Contract Update
March 1, 2005Contract Update
September 20, 2004Contract Update
May 12, 2004Contract Update


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