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Accidental Death Insurance



Alcohol Program

Arbitration Decisions

Article 8 Settlement

Assault Alert:  OnlineForm

Auto & Home Insurance

Auto Discounts

Beneficiary Change Form ($30K Active Member)

Benefits by Payroll Deduction

Bereavement Donation

Budgets:  2020 

Catastrophic Benefit:  PDFOnline

Catch A Falling Star (MAP)

Central Region

Certificate of Incorporation

Collective Bargaining Committee

College Savings Plan (NYS 529)

Committee Policy and Procedures

Committee Roster


Computer Discounts


Constitution and Bylaws Committee

Contact NYSCOPBA Form

Contract (2016-2023)

Contract Negotiations Log

Contract Negotiations Process

Contracts & Awards

Corr. Peace Officers Foundation

COVID-19 Information

Defensive Driving Course

Deferred Compensation Plan (NYS)


Dependent Scholarship Application: PDFOnline – Submit Grades Online

Disability Insurance

Disability Retirement


DOCCS Directives

Election Committee

Elections:  Steward 2019 and History

Empire State College Partnership

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Evaluation Appeal

Event Submission Form

Employee Transitions – DOCCS

Entertainment Discounts

Equipment Transfer Form (Stewards Only)

Executive Assembly Meeting Dates

Executive Assembly Minutes

Executive Assembly Motions

Executive Assembly Registration Form (for CSS Only)

Executive Board

Executive Board Elections 2020

Executive Board Minutes

Expense Voucher:  PDFXLS

Finance Committee

Financial Discounts

Fitness Discounts

Flex Spending InformationWeb Site

Get Well Fruit Basket or Flowers

Grievance Committee

Grievance Department

Grievance Form: General  /  Out-Of-Title WorkDisciplinary

Grievance Procedure

Grievance Guidelines

Grievance Tracking Form

Grievance Training Packet

Health & Safety

Health & Welfare Committee

Health Insurance

Hearing Benefit Alliance (Hearing Aid)

Home Service Discounts

Independent (The)


Judicial & Ethics Committee

Judicial & Ethics Policy and Forms

Labor Management Benefits

Labor Management Manual

Law Enforcement

Leave Donation

Legal Defense Fund:  Policy – Application and Summary Plan Description

Legal Department

Legal Plan (Southern region)

Legal Services Discount

Legislative & Political Committee

Legislative Department

Life Insurance Policy




Lodging Discounts

M.A.P. – Member Assistance Program

Mailing Dates:  CSS

Media Contact

Membership Application

Member ID Card Order Form

Membership Services

Mid-Hudson Region

Military Buy Back Application

Monroe College Partnership

Monthly Sector Reimbursement:   PDFXLSWord

Motion Sheet

Multiple Check Form

Negotiation and Arbitration

New & Replacement Equipment Grant

New Baby Award Application

New Hire List

News From The Field

Northern Region

Personal and Family Sick Forms

Pet Insurance: VPI

Phone, TV, Internet Discounts

Policy & Procedures Manual

Post Closing Form


Press Releases

Promotional Lists

Promotional Products

Public Relations

Publicity & Meetings Committee

Purchase Request - PDF

Rainy Day Fund:  PolicySummary Plan DescriptionApplication

Recording Secretary

Recording Secretary Archives


Reset Password

Retiree Benefits


Revision Reassignment Lists

Salary Schedules – Bargaining Unit 01

Salary Schedules – Bargaining Unit 21

Sector Funding Agreement Form & Bank Signature Card

Sector PR Donation Form

Sector Reimbursement:  Single CheckMultiple Check Sector AgreementSignature Card

Sector Reimbursement Procedure Manual

Sector Roster Change Form

Sector Treasury

Seniority Lists – DOCCS

Sergeant’s Dept.

SHU Taskforce

Single Check Form

Southern Region

Sector Funding Agreement Form & Bank Signature Card

Shopping Discounts

Sporting Discounts

Staffing Department

Staffing Training Packet

State Housing List & Rates

Statewide Labor/Management Minutes

Steward Change Form

Steward Contact Info Form

Steward Roster

Steward Training Manual 2019 (DOCCS)

Steward Training Manual 2019 (Law Enforcement)

Steward Training Reimbursement Form:  PDFExcel

Steward/Union Official Tuition Reimbursement

Steward Vacancy Policy

Survivors Benefit Guide

Thank You Letter Request Form

Transfer with Pending NOD

Transfer Lists – DOCCS

Transfers and Work Force Reductions


Treasurer’s Reports

Trust Fund (Correctional Services)

Tuition Reimbursement Program

Update Contact Information

Union Membership Application

Use of Force/UI Form

Veterans Committee

Veterans Dept.

Vice President

Volunteer (Become a)

Western Region

Work-Life Programs (NYS)

Workers’ Compensation & Disability

Workers’ Comp Attorneys

Working Advantage Discounts