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New York State Correctional Officers & Police Benevolent Association, Inc.

NYSCOPBA represents over 26,000 New York State employees and retirees from the Security Services Unit. Our Union was formed in May 1998 and since that time has provided superior representation to our membership under the independent and democratic model. Our Mission continued...

NYS DOCCS Directives
Revisions and forms are included with the directive. Forms are added as DOCCS makes them available to us. The links to forms within the directive will not function as the links point to files not accessible from the Internet.
0000Table Of Contents
Introduction to the Policy and Procedure Manual
Definition of Terms
Use of Department Letterhead
Departmental Letters
Butler Correctional Facility
Gouverneur Correctional Facility
Upstate Correctional Facility
Five Points Correctional Facility
Hale Creek Correctional Facility
Chateaugay Correctional Facility
Willard Drug Treatment Campus
Facility Security Level Criteria
Adirondack Correctional Facility
Altona Correctional Facility
Albion Correctional Facility
Attica Correctional Facility
Auburn Correctional Facility
Bedford Hills Correctional Facility
Clinton Correctional Facility
Coxsackie Correctional Facility
Eastern New York Correctional Facility
Elmira Correctional Facility
Fishkill Correctional Facility
Great Meadow Correctional Facility
Green Haven Correctional Facility
Taconic Correctional Facility
Sing Sing Correctional Facility
Hudson Correctional Facility
Wallkill Correctional Facility
Woodbourne Correctional Facility
Collins Correctional Facility
Groveland Correctional Facility
Mt. McGregor Correctional Facility
Greene Correctional Facility
Ogdensburg Correctional Facility
Watertown Correctional Facility
Wende Correctional Facility
Downstate Correctional Facility
Rochester Correctional Facility
Edgecombe Correctional Facility
Lincoln Correctional Facility
Queensboro Correctional Facility
Lyon Mountain Correctional Facility
Otisville Correctional Facility
Mid-State Correctional Facility
Orleans Correctional Facility
Shawangunk Correctional Facility
Sullivan Correctional Facility
Washington Correctional Facility
Wyoming Correctional Facility
Shock Incarceration Facilities
Franklin Correctional Facility
Southport Correctional Facility
Bare Hill Correctional Facility
Riverview Correctional Facility
Cayuga Correctional Facility
Marcy Correctional Facility
Mohawk Correctional Facility
Ulster Correctional Facility
Livingston Correctional Facility
Cape Vincent Correctional Facility
Gowanda Correctional Facility
Rights of Departmental Employees
Release of Information to the News Media
Research Studies and Surveys
Confidential Security Information
Office of Victim Services
Office of Inspector General
Central Monitoring Cases
2001Emergency Procedures - Central Office Location
2002Membership in Racist/Terrorist Organizations
2003Domestic Violence Policy
2005Request for Conference Attendance
2009Maintaining Logs - Dissemination of Criminal History Record Information
2010Departmental Records
2011Disposition of Departmental Records
2012Release of Employee Personnel and Payroll Information
2013Employee Personal Identifying Information
2020Off - Duty Firearms Regulation
2022Departmental Officer of the Day
2031DOCS Olympics
2104Local Labor - Management Committees
2106Personal Appearance and Dress
2110Employee Discipline - Suspension from Duty During the Continuation of Disciplinary Proceedings
2111Report of Employee Misconduct
2112Report of Criminal Charges
2113Grievances - Managerial/Confidential Employees
2114Functions of the Bureau of Labor Relations
2115Drug Tests for Employees
2119Functions of the Division of Facilities Planning and Development
2120Hazard Communication/Right to Know/SARA
2121Personal Protective Equipment
2122Permit-Required Confined Space Entry Procedures
2123Lockout/Tagout - Control of Hazardous Energy
2124Automatic External Defibrillators
2200Functions of the Bureau of Personnel
2201Normal Workday, Tardiness, Early Departure, and Excused Absences
2202Controlling Unexcused and Unauthorized Absences
2203Annual Leave
2204Sick Leave at Full Pay
2205Record of Attendance
2206Sick Leave at Half Pay
2207Time and Attendance Rules - Personal Leave
2208AWorkers' Compensation Benefits (Security Services)
2208BWorkers' Compensation Benefits (Non - Uniformed Employees)
2209Allowable Absences With Pay
2210Processing Employee Death Benefits
2211Leave Without Pay
2212Military Leave
2213Attendance - Holidays
2214Compensatory Time and Overtime - General
2215Recall and Overtime - Security Staff
2216Fingerprinting New Employees, Volunteers, and Contractors
2217Out of Title Work
2218Outside Employment
2219Employee Probation
2220Family Medical Leave Act
2221Employee Health Insurance
2222Employee Resignation from State Service
2223Intershift/RDO Swaps Policy
2224Civilian Employee Intershift/RDO Swaps
2226Maternity and Child - Rearing Leave
2230Guidelines for Assignment of Male and Female Correction Officers
2232Non - Competitive and Labor Class Appointments
2233Exempt/Non - Competitive Appointee Leaves
2234Two - Year Trainee Program
2239Processing Civilian Job Applicants/Employees with Criminal Records
2241Employee Service Awards
2242Service Awards Program
2243Exemplary Attendance Awards
2244Employee Memorial
2260New York State Ethics
2261Removed from directives page
2271Employee Suggestion Program
2401Training and Staff Development
2402Tuition Support for Part - Time Study
2403Training Consultants
2406Training Advisory Committees
2601Affirmative Action Program
2602Affirmative Action Complaints
2603Non - Discrimination in Transactions With Private or Commercial Establishments
2604Minority & Women Owned Business Enterprise Program
2605Sexual Harassment in the Work Place
2607Reasonable Accommodations for Individuals with Disabilities
2608Non - Discrimination in Employment Based on Sexual Orientation
2611Discriminatory Treatment Complaints Procedure for Visitors
2612Inmates with Sensorial Disabilities
2614Reasonable Accommodations for Inmates with Disabilities
2700Functions of Division of Budget and Finance
2701Preparing the Payroll
2702Preparing Payroll Deductions
2703Payroll Overpayment
2709Refund of Social Security Overpayment
2713Overtime/Holiday Compensation
2724Travel Voucher Preparation
2725Reimbursement of Travel Expenses for Transfer of Inmates
2726Reimbursement of Travel Expenses for Transfer of Prisoners
2727Reimbursement of Salary Expense for Transfer of Prisoners
2728Reimbursement of Moving Expenses for Transferred/New Employees
2729Reimbursement of Overtime Meals
2731Inmate Travel Ticket
2732Lodging/Transportation Requests
2733Inmate Personal Property Claim
2734Employee Personal Property Claim
2740Signature Forms - Form AC-852, AC-2822, AC-1782
2742Contractor/Consultant Contract Requirements
2770Vending Machine Contracts
2771Inmate Occupational Therapy Fund
2782Grand Processing/Monitoring
2783Funds Received as Grants/Bequests
2788Collection & Repayment of Inmate Advances and Obligations
2791Lost & Found/Abandoned Property
2794Reporting Losses
2798Inmate Accounts
2799Responses to O.S.C. Audits
2803Release of Inmate - Related Statistical Data
2810Computer Security Guidelines
2821Requesting Mainframe Applications Modifications/New Development
2822Request for Information Technology Hardware Acquisition/Relocation/Removal
2823Computer Workstation Ergonomics
2824E - Mail Use
2900Functions of Division of Support Operations
2901Requisition of Supplies
2902Requisition of Forms
2903OGS Courier Service
2904Receiving Deliveries at Central Office
2914Contract Procurement Procedures
2915Equipment Acquisition Guidelines
2916Purchasing Supplies and Equipment
2918State Furnished Telephone Equipment and Services
2919Use of Fax Machines
2932Use of State Owned Vehicles
2944Equipment Control
2945Inventory Control
2946Employee Identification Material
2948Reporting Loss of Issued Items
2949Vehicle Identification Placards
3050Waste Reduction and Recycling Program
3051Energy Conservation
3052Request for Maintenance Work
3053Alterations/Construction Request
3055Inmate Labor Projects
3056Refrigerants - Compliance with the Clean Air Act
3057Construction Permits
3070Daily Cigarette Inventory
3071Tax on Tobacco in Commissary Sales
3080Inmate Undergarment Handling and Wear
3081Inmate Clothing Issue
3082Inmate Clothing Record
3083Uniform/Equipment Issue and Appearance
3084Uniform Issue Record
3085Uniform: Order Schedule/Form
3086Linen Inventory Control
3090General Housekeeping Manual
3093Pest Management
3096Housekeeping: Health Care Areas
3101Laundry Processing
3102Inter - Facility Laundry Service
3111Scheduled Maintenance/Reports
3151Operator's Vehicle Inspection
3173Acquisition and Disposition of Surplus Property
4001Facility Administrative Coverage
4002Inmate Liaison Committee (ILC)
4003Double Cell Housing in Converted Single Cells
4004Unusual Incident Report
4005Department Owned Staff Housing
4005BTemporary Staff Housing - Hudson Valley
4006Reporting Inmate Attitude and Behavior
4007Inmate Identification Numbers
4008Watch Commander's Log
4009Minimum Provisions for Health and Morale
4011Processing Inmate Records for Transfer
4012Requesting Case Folders - Returnees from Parole Supervision
4013Inmate Deaths - Administrative Responsibility
4015Forwarding Offender Mail
4016Inmate Records - Inmates On Out Count
4017Inmate Transfer Procedure
4018Security Classification Guidelines
4019Inmate Information (Custodial and Health) During Transfer of Custody
4020Security Classification Guideline Appeal
4021Offender Reception/Classification
4022Special Events Program
4026Post - Incident Stress Debriefing Plan
4027ASexual Abuse Prevention and Intervention Inmate on Inmate
4028ASexual Abuse Prevention and Intervention Staff on Inmate
4030Changes In Inmate Housing Capacity
4033Parole Violator Detainees and Returned Parole Violators
4035Inmate Identification Cards
4036Notification to Victim of Inmate Release or Damages Awarded
4037Fingerprinting Inmates
4038Inmate Identification Photographs
4040Inmate Grievance program
4041Inmate Grievance Program Modification Plan
4044Parole Reconsideration Upon Extraordinary Medical Circumstances
4050Receiving Deliveries at Stores
4051Requisition of Supplies
4054Occupational Lead Exposure Program
4055Hazardous Waste Management
4059Response To Health Care Emergencies
4060Facility Fire Prevention
4062Fire/Safety Report
4063Training Academy Fire/Safety Coordinator
4064Facility Safety
4065Reporting Injuries & Occupational Illnesses
4066Facility Safety and Environmental Services Inspections
4067Flammable, Combustible, Toxic, and Caustic Materials
4068Respiratory Protection Program
4069First Aid Kits
4070Laundry Collection/Distribution
4080Guidelines for Color Guards and Honor Guards
4081Pre - Shift Briefing/Lineup
4090Posting Outside Announcements - Inmate Related
4091Log Books
4101Suicide Prevention
4200Functions of the Division of Ministerial & Family Services
4201Marriage During Confinement
4202Religious Programs and Practices
4206Notification of Death or Grave Illness of Inmate Family Members
4300Health Services Policy Manual
4301Mental Health Satellite Serv. and commitments to CNY Psychiatric Center
4302Transfers - Special Needs Inmates
4303OMH Satellite Obs discharge procedures
4304Medical Parole
4305Release of special needs inmates
4307Intermediate Care Program
4309Inmate Hunger Strike
4310Food Service Operations Manual
4311Therapeutic Diets
4312Consumption of State Food
4320Blood Borne Pathogen Exposure Control Plan
4322Tuberculosis Control Program
4330Inmates As Organ Donors
4401Guidance & Counseling Services
4403Inmate Visitor Program
4404Inmate Legal Visits
4405Inmate Art & Handicraft Accounts
4421Privileged Correspondence
4422Inmate Correspondence Program
4423Inmate Telephone Calls
4424Notification of Transfer/Express Mail
4451Outside Hospital Admission: Notification of Person of Inmate's Choice
4470General Library Services
4483Law Libraries & Inmate Legal Assistance
4490Hispanic and Cultural Affairs Services
4500Family Reunion Program
4521Inmate Newspapers and Newsletters
4555Video Production Programs and Procedures
4556Entertainment Media
4572Media Review
4750Volunteer Services Program
4752Receipt of Donated Material
4755Correctional Facility Tours
4760Inmate Organizations
4761Inmate Charitable Contributions and Gifts
4770Youth Assistance Programs
4780Pre - Release and Transitional Services
4790Merit Time
4791Presumptive Release
4792Limited Credit Time Allowances
4793Earned Eligibility
4802Inmate Payroll Standards
4803Inmate Program Placement
4804Academic Education Program Policies
4805Special Education Services
4806Vocational Education
4807Special Subjects
4902Facility Fires and Related Emergencies
4910Control of & Search for Contraband
4910AContraband/Evidence- Handling, storage and disposition
4911Packages & Articles Sent or Brought to Facilities
4912Maintenance of Living Quarters
4913Inmate Personal Property Limits
4914Inmate Grooming Standards
4917Transferring Inmate Property
4918Inmate Health Care During Transfer
4919Transportation For Court Appearances
4920Inmate Radios, Tape Players, and Radio/Tape Player Combinations
4921Inmate Television Sets
4929Controlled Drugs, Needles, & Syringes
4930Tool Control
4932Chapter V, Standards Behavior and Allowances
4933Special Housing Units
4933aJoint Case Management Committees
4934Inmate Property - Temporary Storage of Personal Belongings
4935Outsiders Visiting or Applying to Visit Facilities
4936Search of DOCS Employees
4937Urinalysis Testing
4938Contraband Drug Testing
4940Executing Detainers for Escapees and Absconders
4944Use of Physical Force
4947Special Housing Reports
4948Protective Custody Status
4950Guidelines for the Selection of Inmates for Outside Assignments
4960Workplace Violence Prevention Program
6901Information Concerning Executive Clemency
6902Transfer of Foreign Nationals
6910Criminal Prosecution Task Force
6920Internal Controls
6921Accreditation Program
6922Division of Industry (Corcraft)
6923Internal Audit Unit
6924Product Evaluation Committee
7001Temporary Release Program
8302Parole Board Imposed Special Condition Pertaining to Certain MHL Article 10 Cases
8303Sex Offender Registrants/Placement of Certain Sex Offenders in the Community
8304Mandatory and Discretionary Sex Offender Supervision Status Determinations
8305Sexual Assault Reform Act (SARA) Mandatory Condition
8306Parole Board Imposed Special Conditions of Release Regarding Residency
8341Consent to Release of Information Concerning Chemical Dependence Treatment for Criminal Justice Clients OASAS Form TRS-49
8370Offender Requests for Copies of Presentence Reports
8400Certificates of Relief from Disabilities Pre-release
8600Board of Parole
9000Community Supervision
9103Certificates of Relief from Disabilities Pre-release
9104Certificates of Relief from Disabilities Post-Release and Certificates of Good Conduct
9105Executive Clemency Pardons and Commutations of Sentence
9199Photo Imaging
9200Local Conditional Release (LCR)
9201Electronic Security and Targeting of Online Predators Act (e-STOP) Mandatory Condition
9202Management of Sex Offender Use of Computer Related Materials and Electronic Devices
9203Post Transfer Supervision
9204Transdermal Alcohol Concentration Testing
9205Notice of Right to Vote Maximum Expiration or Discharge of Sentence
9206Civil Management and Treatment of Sex Offenders-Strict and Intensive Supervision and Treatment (SIST)
9213Re-Release of Community Supervision Violators in Local Custody (County Correctional Facilities)
9217Case Transfers
9219Strict and Intensive Supervision and Treatment (SIST) Arrival Report and Initial Interview
9220Processing Contraband for Community Supervision
9221Merit Termination of Sentence and Discharge from Presumptive Release, Parole, Conditional Release, and Post-Release Supervision (PRS)
9222Emergency Housing Fund
9224Case Review Team Article 10
9305Polygraph Examination of Sex Offenders
9401Supervision of Domestic Violence Offenders
9404Search and Seizure
9429Use of Physical Force by Community Supervision Field Staff
9504Case Conference
9506Supervision Coverage While on Leave or Vacant Item
9601Parental Contact Protocol
9999Alphabetic Index of Directives, By Subject
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