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New York State Correctional Officers & Police Benevolent Association, Inc.

NYSCOPBA represents over 26,000 New York State employees and retirees from the Security Services Unit. Our Union was formed in May 1998 and since that time has provided superior representation to our membership under the independent and democratic model. Our Mission continued...

Legislative Department

2015 Legislative Session

President Powers Police Safety and Public Protection Testimony

President Powers Budget Testimony

2015 Legislative Session Calendar
2015-16 Executive Budget Legislation
2015-16 Executive Budget Presentation
2015 State of the State Address
Legislative Budget Hearing Schedule

2014 Legislative Session

Assembly Corrections Committee 2014 - Year in Review - Annual Report
2014 Year in Review
Governor Cuomo signs SHTA Peace Officer Bill
Key Legislation Memo (SHTA PO/Vacation Deferral)
Vacation Deferral Bill Veto Message
Military Buy-Back Legislation Veto Message
- Memo
PAC Seminar Summary
Lobby Days
Legislative Scorecard - Session Summary
Budget Negotiations & Members Safety- Pres. Rowe
NYSCOPBA Rally @Capitol - Press Release - Rally
2014 Legislative Agenda
President Rowe's testimony- Mental Hygiene
PEF's "Save Our Services" Rally a Great Success
President Rowe's Speech at the PEF Rally
Legislative Calendar
Schedule Of Legislative Budget Hearings
NYSCOPBA Joins PEF on 1/29/14 for Closure Rally
Radio Ad Stop Closures
Adaptive Reuse - Butler - Chateaugay - Monterey -
Mt. McGregor

2015 Lobby Days- Get Involved, Stay Informed!


Memo and Tentative Agenda

Lobby Day Flyers

 Central Region - 4/28/2015
Northern Region - 4/28/2015
Southern Region - 5/5/2015
Law Enforcement - 5/19/2015
Mid-Hudson Region - 5/5/2015
Western Region - 5/12/2015

Lobby Day Registration Forms

 Northern & Central Regions
Southern & Mid-Hudson Regions
Law Enforcement
Western Region


Who is my legislator- Assembly - Senator
Am I Registered to Vote?
- Reg. Form
Frequently Asked Questions
Bill Tracker
Legislative Memos
Our History
Tips on Contacting your Legislator
Press Releases
Retirement Page

Dan Valente - Legislative Director x306, Bio

SAFE Act Web Site Questions? (855) LAW-GUNS - SAFE Act Amendments - Bill Text - SAFE Act FAQ's - Summary - Public Record Exemption- FAQ - Vote Assembly -Senate - Retiree Exemptions

New Events

Lawmakers pledge to fight state psychiatric center downsizing plan- Watertown Daily Times
Bonacic legislation to criminalize conduct against corrections officers approved
Local officials, state senator, oppose closing Beacon Correctional Facility- Mid-Hudson News
Senator Gipson to Fight the Closing of Beacon Facility
Two NY Prisons for Females Facing Final Lockup-WNYC
NYS Correction Officers Fight Cuomo Administration's Prison Closure Plans - UPDATED- NY Daily News
Corrections' union knocks Cuomo over prison closures (updated)- Democrat and Chronicle
Gipson to fight closing of Beacon CF- Mid-Hudson News
State budget proposal includes prison closings - Times Union, Capitol Confidential
President Rowe Budget Testimony - Press Release -
NY Daily News - YNN
Home for Dinner Radio Ad - Print Ad - Banner Ad - Politics on the Hudson - City & State
VIDEO: Beacon officials want to save prison from state budget ax- Poughkeepsie Journal
Locals oppose Cuomo plan to close Beacon CF-YNN

Local officials oppose Beacon Correctional closing -Poughkeepsie Journal
President Rowe responds Executive Budget Proposal - Auburn Pub - YNN Video -North Country Public Radio - Auburn Citizen
Legislature- Oppose facility closures- DOCCS - OMH
Legislative Update 1/31/2012
NYSCOPBA Display at the LOB
CO's hurt by prison closings- Times Union
NYSCOPBA Ramps Up Lobbying Efforts (Updated)- CapitolTonight
State budget proposal includes prison closings- CapitolConfidential
Plan shuts prison sites- Times Union
Legislator Flyers- Klein - Gipson - Gallivan
Heard Around Town- City & State

Legislative Information

Our Legislative goals are membership education, maintaining a direct relationship with the legislature, preparing annual testimony for the budget hearings, obtaining legislation that supports our members’ rights, working conditions and wages.

Each year the NYSCOPBA legislative department drafts new legislation seeks Senate/ Assembly sponsorship and then aggressively lobbies for the passage of our legislation. Of the approximately 14,000 bills introduced each year, only 2,000 are acted upon and of those only 800 are signed into law on average. Together, with our professional lobbyists, we have consistently shown results (Legislative History) through the many bills that have been signed into law each year since we’ve become an independent Union. Our relationship with the Legislators has been built on respect, honesty and professionalism. We keep your legislators informed year round on law enforcement and corrections issues and ask you to help us during scheduled lobby days.

NYSCOPBA has made a dramatic impact on the legislative process and achieved our incredible results through membership involvement, membership education and proper use of our financial resources. We have a state of the art database, conducted statewide seminars , lobby days, make selective endorsements, voter registration drives and participated in many campaigns across the state to name a few. We encourage all members to contact their legislators on a regular basis by calling, visiting, or writing.

At each Executive Assembly (bi-monthly), your Chief Sector Steward receives an update on the status of our legislation. Each member can follow our legislation daily by clicking Legislative Tracking Sheet . This update gives the bill number, a description, the legislative sponsor, and the current status of the legislation.

Additional information can be found at the New York State Assembly, Senate, NYS Governor’s web site , NYS Comptroller, NYS DOCCS, NYS OMH, NYS Division of Budget and the NYS Attorney General.




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