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New York State Correctional Officers & Police Benevolent Association, Inc.

NYSCOPBA represents over 26,000 New York State employees and retirees from the Security Services Unit. Our Union was formed in May 1998 and since that time has provided superior representation to our membership under the independent and democratic model. Our Mission continued...

Recording Secretary


Recording Secretary Vinny Blasio
Vinny Blasio, Recording Secretary or x242

The Recording Secretary's responsibilities include the keeping of critical records for NYSCOPBA. In an effort to keep our members informed, many important documents are available here for download.

Please use these documents to stay up to date on union affairs, however be sure to safe guard them and distribute only to NYSCOPBA members. Read More Here

Executive Assembly- June 24-25, 2015 - The Desmond
660 Albany Shaker Road - Albany, NY 12211
Registration Form PDF or Online

**DEADLINE to Register is 5/29/2015 - if you fail to register by the deadline you WILL NOT be granted EOL Time!

Map and Directions - Hotel Web SiteTime: 9:00 am
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As we enter into another day of the search for two escaped convicts we must recognize the over 800 Law Enforcement professionals that are conducting this search. For many days these brave men and women have endured the outdoor conditions, terrain and elements without one complaint. These men and women are providing public safety for us all. They are away from family and friends and some are hundreds of miles from their home. Among these professionals are the Corrections Officers, Correction Officers Supervisors and the Correctional Emergency Response Teams known as CERT they make up the majority of those on this mission. They are working alongside of the many Local, State and Federal Law Enforcement Agencies. We must recognize all of these fine people for their efforts. They have been hard at work and working while we slept in, sometimes working in unpleasant conditions. Their feet are sore and they are tired but their hard work continues without a whimper. I salute everyone hard at work for their dedication and perseverance. I also salute the surrounding communities for keeping up morale and all their volunteer efforts. It all very much recognized and appreciated.
Collective Bargaining Committee - SurveyWorkplace Violence Training held on March 25, 2015 was a Success - Thank you!
SAFE Act Information
Bill Text
- Peace Officers Not Exempt
Public Record Exemption - FAQ
Legislative vote Assembly - Senate

I am concerned and sorry to have learned of the recent assaults that have happened to our members while on duty.We truly must be aware and be our Brothers and Sisters keeper. Please stay safe and watch one anothers back!

NYSCOPBA Stewards: It is imperitive we keep our Members informed with current information. Many of our Members rely on the bulletin boards at the facility to provide that important information. Please go to the Stewards Bulletin Board to print documents for posting at your facility.


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