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New York State Correctional Officers & Police Benevolent Association, Inc.

NYSCOPBA represents over 26,000 New York State employees and retirees from the Security Services Unit. Our Union was formed in May 1998 and since that time has provided superior representation to our membership under the independent and democratic model. Our Mission continued...

Sergeants Representative
 Dave Viddivo- Sergeant's Representative
As your Sergeant Representative, there are many situations that arise on a day-to-day basis for which I can be utilized. When you are notified of an investigation or interrogation, you may request that I be present to assist you. I am also available to file evaluation appeals (agency level), 4.5 exit interviews, statewide or local labor management issues and agendas, grievance assistance including disciplinary or any other departmental issues that may arise.
Dave Viddivo

Legal Opinion - Correction Lieutenant Eligible List
Lieutenant Exam Candidates Canvass Letter
Information RE: Duration of Eligible Lists
FAQ - Recent Lieutenant Exam Results 12/15/15
Sergeant's Reposting Agreement - 4/13/15
- UPDATE 5/18/15
Sergeants Promotion List Posted
DOCCS Sergeants Test Scored- Memo - Review Answer Sheet
Disabled Veteran's Credits

Changes to Sergeant Promotion Canvass Letter
2015 Legislative Proposals

Statewide Labor Management Agenda

1. 4.5 termination/review policy; set up a committee to review as oppose to Director of Personnel having sole discretion.
2. Sergeants on comp/sick cannot transfer/promoted. Make available to all members.
3. Place directions on employee evaluation form to appeal decision.
4. Waiving time served for probationary period. Temp probation counting towards permanent retention.
5. Inclusion of sergeant's in Backfilling Agreement
6. MOU that any sergeant that is in temp status will be made permanent upon the expiration of the promotional exam in which he was promoted.

Please Note: Transfer lists are provided by DOCCS shortly after each re-ranking by seniority. I have requested on several occasions to get an updated list from DOCCS, at least every four weeks, so that transfers can be tracked more easily. My requests have been denied. The lists are not updated until after the next re-ranking. For current transfer list information contact your local personnel office or DOCCS Security Personnel at 518-457-8131.
Promotional, Transfer and Seniority ListsNYSCOPBA raises over $14,000 for Charity!
News & Updates
Important information re: maintaining your valuable life insurance coverage upon promotion to Lieutenant
Important M-Drive Retrieval Policy
2009 Reduction in Force 9/16/11
Sergeants Attrition Statistics
CO Attrition Statistics
Reduction, Transfers and Displacement
Front Line Supervisors Stipend- Duties
Front Line Supervisors- Recruitment
What is "Bumping"
State Housing List & Rates
Transfers while on Workers Comp or Disciplinary
Proposal- Ranking of future Lt's Exams accepted
FLSS Proposal
Incidental form grievance
Sergeant Test Scoring FYI
Manuals & Guidelines
Intro PDF File
Counseling PDF File
Staffing PDF File
Mental Health - DAI PDF File
Staffing (SWAPS) PDF File
Sexual Harassment PDF File
Interviews & Interrogations PDF File
Special Housing/ Discipline PDF File
Performance Evaluation PDF File
Sergeants Probational Info.- Guidelines
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