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New York State Correctional Officers & Police Benevolent Association, Inc.

NYSCOPBA represents over 26,000 New York State employees and retirees from the Security Services Unit. Our Union was formed in May 1998 and since that time has provided superior representation to our membership under the independent and democratic model. Our Mission continued...

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11/28/2014News from the Field Updated
11/27/2014Spotlight Updated- Attica Donates for Thanksgiving
11/26/2014DOCCS CO Seniority List by- Name - Seniority Date - Facility
DOCCS Sgt Seniority List by- Name - Seniority Date - Facility
11/25/2014Funeral Services- Michael Phillips , Elmira CF
11/24/2014News from the Field Updated
11/15/2014Another Officer Assaulted at Coxsackie CF- Daily Freeman
11/14/2014Officer Assaulted at Coxsackie Correctional Facility- Press Release
11/13/2014Empire Plan Flex. Formulary Changes for 2015
11/12/2014PAC Seminar Summary
11/11/2014Officer assaulted at Marcy - Release
Officers Rescue Bus Driver and Student in School Bus Rollover - Press Release
11/10/2014Funeral Services- Stephen Norwich, Five Points CF
11/7/2014Correction Officer Test Offered Statewide in January 2015 - Press Republican
11/6/2014Greene CF - Informational Picket - Daily Freeman - Daily Mail
11/5/2014DOCCS Transfer Lists Updated- Correction Officer - Correction Sergeant
Frozen Dome Classic Discount Tickets - Syracuse Crunch vs. Utica Comets - November 22, 2014
October Treasurers Report
GUEST VIEW: Flaws in prison system must be exposed- Utica OD
11/4/2014Press Conference Videos added to YouTube and FaceBook
Tuition Reimbursement Program - UPDATE
Retiree Eyeglass Reimbursement Online Form Added
11/3/2014Legislative Tracker Updated
10/31/2014Call to ActionClick to help support Military Buy Back Legislation!
NYSCOPBA's Assault and Safety Awareness Campaign
10/29/2014Video & Photos of Press Conference at NYSCOPBA's Office
10/28/2014Union: State prison guards being assaulted at alarming rate - The Daily News
Assaults on NYS prison guards rise - WKBW
Corrections Officers Union: Prisoner Attacks on the Rise due to Inadequate Staffing - Time Warner Rochester
Union: N.Y. actions make prisons unsafe for workers - Star Gazette
10/27/2014DOCCS Directive 2945 - Inventory Control
DOCCS Directive 2119 - Functions of the Division of Facilities Planning and Development
DOCCS Directive 0066 - Ogdensburg Correctional Facility
DOCCS Directive 0041 - Adirondack Correctional Facility
DOCCS Directive 2788 - Collection & Repayment of Inmate Advances & Obligations
DOCCS Directive 0700 - Office Of Special Investigations (OSI)
DOCCS Directive 4044 - Full Parole Board Case Review For Extraordinary Medical Circumstances
DOCCS Directive 0088 - Southport Correctional Facility
DOCCS Directive 4937 - Urinalysis Testing
DOCCS Directive 0500 - Office of Victim Assistance
DOCCS Directive 4424 - Notification of Transfer/Express Mail
DOCCS Directive 4036 - Notification to Victim of Inmate Release or Damages Award
DOCCS Directive 4004 - Unusual Incident Report
DOCCS Directive 4090 - Posting Outside Announcements - Inmate Related
DOCCS Directive 4080 - Guidelines for Uniformed Color Guards, Honor Guards, and Community Events
DOCCS Directive 4805 - Special Education Services
10/25/2014NYSCOPBA Schedules Press Conferences to Discuss Assaults, Safety Concerns and DOCCS inaction
10/22/2014Spotlight Updated- Sgt. R. Graham- 50 Years of Service
Legislative Tracker Updated
10/21/20142014 Commercial Revised
10/15/2014Updated Legal Report
10/9/2014DOCCS Directive 2209 - Allowable Absences With Pay
DOCCS Directive 2241 - Employee Recognition Program
DOCCS Directive 0050 - Elmira Correctional Facility
DOCCS Directive 0090 - Cape Vincent Correctional Facility
DOCCS Directive 3090 - General Housekeeping Manual
DOCCS Directive 0052 - Great Meadow Correctional Facility
DOCCS Directive 4309 - Inmate Hunger Strike
DOCCS Directive 0023 - Upstate Correctional Facility
10/6/2014Spotlight Updated- Public Safety Officer receives SUNY Chancellor's Award
10/3/2014Legislative Tracker Updated
10/2/2014Officer injured in attack at Five Points Correctional Facility -Press Release
10/1/2014Empire Plan Prescription Drug Program/Adult Immunizations
9/30/2013Photo- 2014 35th Annual Canadian Police and Peace Officers Memorial. 10 Members of the NYS DOCCS Emerald Society Participated in the event.
9/26/2014Continued Coverage: Prison Stabbing - WETM
Empire Plan Flexible Formulary Medical Exception Appeal on Excluded Drugs
DOCCS Directive 6920 - Internal Controls
DOCCS Directive 0046 - Bedford Hills Correctional Facility
DOCCS Directive 0100 - Gowanda Correctional Facility
DOCCS Directive 4902 - Facility Fires and Related Emergencies
DOCCS Directive 4066 - Facility Safety and Environmental Services Inspections
DOCCS Directive 2124 - Automatic External Defibrillators
DOCCS Directive 2944 - Equipment Control
DOCCS Directive 4206 - Notification of Death or Grave Illness of Inmate Family Members
DOCCS Directive 0040 - Facility Security Level Criteria
DOCCS Directive 9206 - Civil Management and Treatment of Sex Offenders-SIST
9/25/2014Officers stabbed at Elmira CF- Star Gazette
9/24/2014Spotlight Updated- Sing Sing Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS
Spotlight Updated- Sergeant James Barney Memorial Soft Ball
2015 Health Care Spending and Dependent Care Open Enrollment
News from the Field Updated
Central Region PAC Seminars- 10/28/14 (Rome), 10/29/14 (Philadelphia)
Legislative Tracker Updated
9/23/2014Assaults Occur at Downstate and Sullivan Correctional Facilities - Press Release
Psychiatric Center inmate indicted in attack on staff -
9/22/2014News from the Field Updated
Leave Donation Updated- Evan Doscher, Community Supervision
9/18/2014Leave Donation Updated- Jennifer Malone, Auburn CF
News from the Field Updated
Spotlight Updated- NYSCOPBA Donates to the Boys & Girls Club
Added Event Submission form
9/17/20142014 Staffing Review Packet
Softball Tournament Raises $15,000 for Children of Sergeant James Barney - Press Release
9/16/2014Legislative Tracker Updated
Northern Region PAC Seminars- 10/7/14 (Plattsburgh), 10/8/14 (Malone), 10/9/14 (Queensbury)
9/13/201443rd Anniversary of the Attica Riot - Daily News -WHEC - TWC News - Democrat & Chronicle - DOCCS
NYSCOPBA to remember 43rd anniversary of Attica Prison Riot- The Daily News
Attica inmate charged with attacking prison guard at ECMC - Buffalo News
9/11/2014Western Region PAC Seminars- 9/24/14 (Waterloo), 9/25/14 (Horseheads), 9/29/14 (Batavia)& 9/30/14 (Buffalo)
Southern Region PAC Seminar- 10/23/14 (Ossining)
9/9/2014Officer Assaulted at Erie County Medical Center- Release
DOCCS Employee Transitions- July
News from the Field Updated
NYSCOPBA Remembers 43rd Anniversary of Attica Prison Riot- Press Release
9/8/2014Spotlight Updated- Attica Participates in 2nd Annual Kia Road March
Legislators urge Cuomo to sign bill protecting psych workers- Utica OD
9/4/2014Inmates Attack and Injures Staff at CNYPC- Release
Prison Brawl breaks out at CNYPC- WKTV - OD
DOCCS Directive 2402 - Tuition Support for Part-Time Study
DOCCS Directive 2915 - Equipment Acquisition Guidelines
DOCCS Directive 2916 - Purchasing Supplies and Equipment
DOCCS Directive 2233 - Exempt/Non-Competitive Appointee Leaves
DOCCS Directive 2901 - Requisition of Supplies and Forms (Central Office)
DOCCS Directive 3051 - Energy Conservation
DOCCS Directive 4054 - Occupational Lead Exposure Program
DOCCS Directive 2810 - Information Security Policy
DOCCS Directive 2821 - Requesting Applications Modification/New Development
DOCCS Directive 9000 - Community Supervision
News from the Field Updated
8/29/2014Orleans Correctional Facility Holds Second Annual Charity Golf Tournament and raises over $7,000 for American Heart Association - Press Release
Officer Attacked at Mid-State Correctional Facility - Press Release
Leave Donation Updated- David Smith, Jr., Mid State CF
8/27/2014Report Assaults on Staff
Report "Labor Management Review" meetings
Report Post Closings
8/26/2014DOCCS CO Seniority List by- Name - Seniority Date - Facility
DOCCS Sgt Seniority List by- Name - Seniority Date - Facility
Legislative Tracker Updated
8/25/2014DOCCS Directive 2903 - OGS Courier Service
DOCCS Directive 2914 - Contract Procurement Procedures
DOCCS Directive 2742 - Contractor/Consultant Contract Requirements
News from the Field Update
Benefit for family in fatal crash underway- Press Republican
Spotlight Updated- 9th Annual Laura Giordiano 5K
Tuition Reimbursement Reminder- Memo
8/22/2014Legislative Tracker Updated
Updated Legal Report
8/20/2014National Law Enforcement- Wreath Laying - Honor Guard Contest
Legislative Tracker Updated
News from the Field Updated
Spotlight Updated- NYSCOPBA Sponsors Lunch Program
8/18/2014NYS Fair Video
SHU Stipulation
8/14/2014NYSCOPBA Constitution Revised Article VI Section D
Legislative Tracker Updated
Spotlight Updated- 5th Annual Charity Golf Tournament
8/11/2014News Articles on Marcy Lockdown- Utica OD - WKTV - - WIVB
8/8/2014Legislative Tracker Updated
News from the Field Updated
90 Weapons found at Marcy CF- Press Release
8/1/2014Legislative Tracker Updated
7/31/20142011-2015 Tuition Reimbursement Program UPDATE
NYS/NYSCOPBA JLMC - Surplus Equipment Available
Funeral Services- Twinette J. Bluitt, Bedford Hills CF
7/30/2014Fundraiser for CNY Veterans Outreach Center
DOCCS Directive 2201 - Normal Workday, Tardiness, Early Departure, and Excused Absences
DOCCS Directive 3055 - Inmate Labor Projects
DOCCS Directive 3057 - Construction Permits
DOCCS Directive 4405 - Inmate Art & Handicrafts
DOCCS Directive 4320 - Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure Control Plan
7/29/2014NYSCOPBA Members Raise $10,000 at Local Fundraiser - Press Release
Michael Powers, new president of state corrections officers union, aims to educate public, address security issues- Auburn Pub
Legislative Tracker Updated
7/28/2014DOCCS Directive 0000 - Table of Contents
DOCCS Directive 0701 - Central Monitoring Cases
DOCCS Directive 4310 - Food Service Operations Manual
DOCCS Directive 4930 - Tool Control
DOCCS Directive 3080 - Inmate Undergarment Handling and Wear
DOCCS Directive 2799 - Responses to OSC Audits
DOCCS Directive 4202 - Religious Programs and Practices
DOCCS Directive 2733 - Inmate Personal Property Clai
DOCCS Directive 0096 - Ulster Correctional Facility
7/27/2014Funeral Services- James E. Barney- Bare Hill CF
7/25/2014News from the Field Updated
Spotlight Updated- Wende Hub Staff Members Raise $9,000 Towards Cancer Research
7/24/2014Leave Donation Updated- Thomas Poventud, Greene CF
Funeral Services- Kevin Brady, Green Haven CF
7/23/2014DOCCS Employee Transitions June
Legislative Tracker Updated
7/17/2014Legislative Tracker Updated
7/16/2014News from the Field Updated
Spotlight Updated- Ruby Hughes, 50 Years Seniority!
7/15/2014Officers Hurt in Weekend Incidents at Gowanda Correctional Facility -Press Release
7/14/2014DOCCS Directive 2234 - Two-Year Administrative Traineeship Program
DOCCS Directive 2788 - Collection & Repayment of Inmate Advances & Obligations
DOCCS Directive 2104 - Local Labor/Management Committees
DOCCS Directive 0073 - Lincoln Correctional Facility
DOCCS Directive 2020 - Off-Duty Firearms Regulation
DOCCS Directive 4006 - Reporting Inmate Attitude and Behavior
DOCCS Directive 4016 - Inmate Records-Inmates On Out Count
DOCCS Directive 2121 - Personal Protective Equipment
DOCCS Directive 3050 - Waste Reduction and Recycling Program

Run-off Election Tally by Agency
7/11/2014Letter from President Michael Powers
7/10/2014Executive Board Election UNOFFICIAL Results - OFFICIAL Results
7/9/2014Officers Assaulted at Green Haven CF & Sullivan CF -Press Release
7/7/2014News from the Field Updated
7/2/2014Officer Assaulted at Fishkill Correctional Facility - Press Release
NYSCOPBA Donates Tickets to ValleyCats and Barbeque - Press Release
DOCCS Transitions- January - February - March - April - May
State Housing List & Rates
2014 NYSCOPBA Life/AD&D/Disability Open Enrollment - Information
6/30/2014Officer Assaulted at Mid-State Correctional Facility - Press Release
6/27/2014News from the Field Updated
6/26/2014Sign Up to Volunteer at the NYSCOPBA Booth at the NYS Fair
Legislative Tracker Updated

SSO Exam Computational Review of Test Scores
6/25/2014News from the Field Updated
2014 Legislative Scorecard - Session Summary
6/24/2014Officers Seriously Hurt in Attack at Sing Sing Correctional Facility - Press Release
DOCCS Directive 2728 - Reimbursement of Moving Expenses for Transferred/New Employees
DOCCS Directive 3101 - Laundry Processing
6/23/2014Wyoming Color Guard particiapted in the CPOF National Memorial Ceremony in Seattle
News from the Field Updated
Spotlight Updated- Officers save a Life!
6/20/2014Funeral Services- Michael Flint, Groveland CF
6/19/2014Correction Officers Save 91 Year Old Heart Attack Victim at Charity Golf Tournament -Press Release
SSO Exam Results - Rights to review and challenge results
Treasurer's Report- May
6/18/2014Officer Assaulted at Watertown Correctional Facility - Press Release
News from the Field Updated
6/17/2014Legislative Tracker Updated
Executive Board Elections - Runoff Mail Log
News from the Field Updated
6/16/2014DOCCS Directive 4761 - Inmate Charitable Contributions and Gifts
DOCCS Directive 2114 - Functions of the Bureau of Labor Relations
DOCCS Directive 4793 - Earned Eligibility
DOCCS Directive 4451 - Outside Hospital Admission Notification
6/13/20142014 DOCCS Medals of Honor
Legislative Tracker Updated
6/6/2014URGENT- Help us Support Pending Legislation!
Legislative Tracker Updated
25 years to life in prison stabbing- Times Union
Rising Number of Prison Inmates Released Without Supervision, Report Says- KABC
Police arrest man in elevator stabbing of boy, 6- Times Union
News from the Field Updated
6/5/2014Leave Donation Updated
6/4/2014State Police, corrections officials investigating prison inmate death- Post Star
News from the Field Updated
6/3/2014John Lamora- Clinton Hills CF Funeral Services
Correction Officer Leave Days 2015
News from the Field Updated
6/2/2014News from the Field Updated
6/1/2014State DOCCS official Vernon Fonda retires amid probe- Times Union
Eye on NY: Nozzolio proposes converting closed prisons into drug treatment centers- AuburnPub
DOCCS Directive 0089 - Bare Hill Correctional Facility
DOCCS Directive 8304 - Mandatory and Discretionary Sex Offender Supervision Status Determinations
DOCCS Directive 2602 - Diversity Management Complaints
DOCCS Directive 4950 - Guidelines for the Selection of Inmates for Outside Assignments
DOCCS Directive 8500 - COMPAS Assessments/Case Plan
DOCCS Directive 4929 - Controlled Drugs, Needles, Syringes & Sharps
5/31/2014Robert Johnsen, Mt. McGregor CF Funeral Services
5/30/2014AAA Certified Election Results
Northern Region Employment Vacancy
Northern Region Event Raises Money for Children- Press Release
Inmates sentenced for crimes in prison- Press Republican
Inmates get more prison time for contraband at Cape Vincent facility- Watertown Daily Times
Photo: Attica Honor Guard- The Daily News
News from the Field Updated
Jeffrey Mayers- Bedford Hills CF Funeral Services
5/28/2014UNOFFICIAL Executive Board Election Results
Legislative Tracker Updated
Call to Action NYSCOPBA Supports Medicare Part D Reimbursement Bill S.6664/A.9369
NYSCOPBA Members Raise Money for Missing & Exploited Children- Press Release
UN-OFFICIAL Executive Board Election Results
5/25/2014Spotlight Updated- Clinton CF Sponsors AVON Walk for Breast Cancer
5/24/2014Prison event salutes our veterans- RecordOnline
Remembrance ceremony at Elmira Correctional Facility- Star Gazette
5/23/2014Spotlight Updated- Central Region Donates to The Ride for Missing Children
5/22/2014News from the Field Updated
DOCCS Directive 4521 - Inmate Newspapers and Newsletters
DOCCS Directive 4015 - Forwarding Inmate Mail
DOCCS Directive 2601 - Equal Employment Opportunity & Affirmative Action Program
DOCCS Directive 0700 - Office of the Inspector General
DOCCS Directive 2406 - Training Advisory Committees
DOCCS Directive 4910 - Control of & Search for Contraband
DOCCS Directive 4040 - Inmate Grievance Program
DOCCS Directive 4755 - Correctional Facility Tours
DOCCS Directive 0080 - Mid-State Correctional Facility
DOCCS Directive 2608 - Non-Discrimination in Employment Based on Sexual Orientation
5/21/2014DOCCS CO Seniority List by- Name - Seniority Date - Facility
DOCCS Sgt Seniority List by- Name - Seniority Date - Facility
2014 Northern Region Charity Golf Tournament- Photos
5/20/2014Legislative Tracker Updated
5/18/2014Photos from the 33rd Annual Donna Payant Memorial
News from the Field Updated
5/17/2014News from the Field Updated
5/16/20142014 Veterans Rememrence Tour goes to Boston, MA
Leave Donation Updated
News from the Field Updated
5/15/2014Legislative Tracker Updated
5/14/2014Leave Donation Updated
5th Annual Championship Golf Tournament - FLYER
State takes back public access to Attica materials- Times Union
5/13/2014Officer Hospitalized after Attack at Marcy Correctional Facility - Press Release
5/12/2014News from the Field Updated
5/9/2014NYS Assembly Recognizes Attica Color Guard
Spotlight Updated
Legislative Tracker Updated
News from the Field Updated
5/8/20142014 Lobby Days - Attica Color Guard Opens Senate Session - Senate Resolution J.4835 National Correction Officers & Employees Week
Watertown Correctional Officer Honored by American Legion Post -Press Release
5/7/2014Weapons, Drugs Located at Bare Hill Correctional Facility During Search - Press Release
5/6/2014Legislative Tracker Updated
5/5/2014DOCCS Directive 4770 - Youth Assistance Programs
DOCCS Directive 3071 - Tax on Tobacco in Commissary Sales
DOCCS Directive 4055 - Hazardous Waste Management
DOCCS Directive 4068 - Respiratory Protection Program
DOCCS Directive 4033 - Parole Violator Detainees and Returned Parole Violators
DOCCS Directive 2212 - Military Leave
DOCCS Directive 2001 - Emergency Procedures-Central Office Location
DOCCS Directive 2726 - Reimbursement of Travel Expense for Transfer of Prisoners
5/2/2014Civil Service Publication - Welcome to the Employee Benefits Division
5/1/2014News from the Field Updated
4/30/2014Leave Donation Updated
4/29/2014News from the Field Updated
Daily Mail Log - Elections 2014
Changes to Sergeant Promotion Canvass Letter
Bedford Hills CF Golf Outing - June 9, 2014
Legislative Tracker Updated
4/25/2014Attacks at CNY psych facility rarely prosecuted- Utica OD
Legislative Tracker Updated
Officers Assaulted and Bitten by Inmates at Washington & Great Meadow CF- Press Release
If you have not Received an Election Ballot Call AAA
Observation of Election Process - May 28, 2014
Large Inmate Fight Leaves Several Prisoners with Injuries at Bare Hill CF- Press Release
4/24/2014Executive Assembly Committees
DOCCS Directive 6922 - Division of Correctional Industries (Corcraft)
DOCCS Directive 4921 - Inmate Television Sets
DOCCS Directive 0083 - Sullivan Correctional Facility
DOCCS Directive 0081 - Orleans Correctional Facility
DOCCS Directive 0025 - Hale Creek Correctional Facility
DOCCS Directive 4038 - Inmate Identification Photographs (Mugshots)
4/22/2014Sergeants Promotion List Posted
4/21/2014Meet The Candidates - Special Edition Newsletter
DOCCS Agency Contact Updated
Legislative Tracker Updated
News from the Field Updated
Executive Board Minutes 03/19/2014
Officer Saves Suicidal Inmate Inside Correctional Facility - Press Release
4/18/2014NYSCOPBA Membership to Recognize 1979 Prison Guard Strike - Press Release
Spotlight Updated

Leave Donation Updated

Attendance and Leave Manual - 2014 Holiday Work Waiver MOU
4/17/201410th Annual Hunt of a Lifetime Shootout - May 17, 2014
4/15/2014Officers Injured During Assault at Coxsackie Correctional Facility - Press Release
News from the Field Updated
4/14/2014NYSCOPBA Security Members Assaulted by Inmates at CNYPC - Press Release
Inmate Investigated for Aggravated Harassment - Press Release
News from the Field Updated
4/10/2014News from the Field Updated
Legislative Tracker Updated
9/11 Memorial Dedication
DOCCS Directive 2791 - Lost & Found/Abandoned Property
DOCCS Directive 2713 - Overtime/Holiday Compensation
DOCCS Directive 2729 - Reimbursement of Overtime Meals
DOCCS Directive 2740 - Signature Forms - OSC
DOCCS Directive 2798 - Inmate Accounts
4/8/2014Officers Assaulted at Wende and Gowanda Correctional Facilities - Press Release
March Treasurers Report
Legislative Tracker Updated
DOCCS Directive 2213 - Attendance-Holidays
DOCCS Directive 2110 - Employee Discipline-Suspension from Duty During the Continuation of Disciplinary Proceedings
DOCCS Directive 4001 - Facility Administrative Coverage & Supervisory Rounds
DOCCS Directive 4304 - Medical Parole
4/7/2014Leave Donation Updated
News from the Field Updated
4/5/2014Spotlight Updated- Attica CF Goes Blue4Ben!
4/4/2014DOCCS Sergeants Test Scored- Memo
DOCCS CO and Sgt Revised Transfer Lists Posted
Meet the Candidate Nights Schedule Posted
4/3/2014Legislative Tracker Updated
Officers Assaulted at Mid State CF - Press Release -Utica OD
4/1/2014News from the Field Updated
Spotlight Updated
3/31/2014DOCCS Directive 2202 - Attendance Control Program
DOCCS Directive 2122 - Permit-Required Confined Space Entry Procedures
DOCCS Directive 2244 - Employee Memorial
DOCCS Directive 2113 - Grievances-Managerial/Confidential Employees
DOCCS Directive 0047 - Clinton Correctional Facility
DOCCS Directive 9219 - Strict and Intensive Supervision and Treatment (SIST) Arrival Report and Initial Interview
DOCCS Directive 4960 - Workplace Violence Prevention Program
DOCCS Directive 2232 - Non-Competitive and Labor Class Appointments
DOCCS Directive 4020 - Security Classification Guideline Decision Appeal
DOCCS Directive 6910 - Criminal Prosecution of Inmates
3/30/2014NYSCOPBA Members Attacked/Exposed to AIDS by Inmate at CNYPC - Press Release - Utica OD
Officer violently assaulted at Downstate CF-Press Release - Poughkeepsie Journal
3/29/2014Budget Negotiations and Members Safety- President Rowe
3/28/2014Scheduled raises and retention payment- Payroll Bulletin
News from the Field Updated
3/27/2014Mid Hudson Unity Nights - July 1, 2014 & July 5, 2014
3/26/2014News from the Field Updated
Legislative Tracker Updated
3/20/2014Sergeants List Update
2014 Legislative Lobby Day Registration Forms
Meeting with Governor Memo
3/19/2014Green Haven Locked Down after Large Fight - Press Release
DOCCS Employee Transitions November - December 2013
Leave Donation Request- James Burch
3/18/2014News from the Field Updated
Legislative Tracker Updated

Positioning of Names on Ballot and in The Independent
3/17/2014Meeting with DOCCS on increased assaults- Report
News from the Field Updated
3/14/2014Sergeant Assaulted at Coxsackie Correctional Facility - Press Release
News from the Field Updated
3/13/2014Inmate Investigated For Aggravated Harassment - Press Release
Legislative Tracker Updated
News from the Field Updated
3/12/2014Corrections Officer Assaulted by Inmate at Albany Medical Center- Press Release
3/11/2014NYSCOPBA Rally at the Capitol- Press Release - Rally Page
3/10/2014News from the Field Updated
Spotlight Updated
3/7/2014DOCCS Directive 2271 - Employee Suggestion Program
DOCCS Directive 9199 - Photo Imaging
DOCCS Directive 0001 - Introduction to the Policy and Procedure Manual
DOCCS Directive 4330 - Inmates as Organ Donors
DOCCS Directive 2824 - Use of Electronic Mail (E-Mail)
DOCCS Directive 2791 - Lost & Found/Abandoned Property
DOCCS Directive 2734 - Employee Personal Property Claim
DOCCS Directive 0022 - Gouverneur Correctional Facility
3/5/2014Legislative Tracker Updated
3/4/2014News from the Field Updated
Officers Hurt at Auburn Correctional Facility Press Release
3/3/2014News from the Field Updated
2/28/2014NYSCOPBA Sponsors 2014 America's Greatest Heart Run & Walk- Release
Legislative Tracker Updated
Dell Monthly Sale Flyer
2/27/2014DOCCS Directive 3053 - Alterations/Construction Request
DOCCS Directive 2111 - Report of Employee Misconduct
DOCCS Directive 2110 - Employee Discipline - Suspension from Duty During the Continuation of Disciplinary Proceedings
News from the Field Updated
2/26/2014April 23 - 24, 2014 Executive Assembly Registration Available Online or PDF
Correction Officer Seniority by Name - Seniority Date - Facility
Sergeant Seniority by Name - Seniority Date - Facility
DOCCS Directive 4807 - Special Subjects
DOCCS Directive 8303 - Sex Offender Registrants/Placement of Certain Sex Offenders in the Community
DOCCS Directive 3050 - Waste Reduction and Recycling Program
DOCCS Directive 4311 - Medical Nutrition Therapy
DOCCS Directive 0102 - Rights of Departmental Employees
2/25/2014Tuberculin Control
2/24/2014NYS Corrections Emerald Society at the NYC St. Patrick's Day parade
News from the Field Updated
2/22/2014News from the Field Updated
President Rowe essay: Plan asks for more mayhem- Democrat & Chronicle
2/20/2014DOCCS Directive 6923 - Internal Audit Unit
DOCCS Directive 2771 - Inmate Occupational Therapy Fund
DOCCS Directive 2605 - Sexual Harassment in the Workplace
DOCCS Directive 4030 - Changes In Inmate Housing Capacity
DOCCS Directive 4063 - Training Academy Fire/Safety Officer
DOCCS Directive 2798 - Inmate Accounts
DOCCS Directive 4423 - Inmate Telephone Calls
DOCCS Directive 4572 - Media Review
DOCCS Directive 4910A - Contraband/Evidence - Handling, Storage, and Disposition
DOCCS Directive 4038 - Inmate Identification Photographs (Mugshots)
2/19/2014Two Officers Assaulted at Franklin- Press Release
Sergeants List Update
Letter: Cuomo's agenda on prisons misguided- Auburn Pub
Legislative Tracker Updated
2/18/2014In My Opinion: Prison closures will increase danger- Press Republican
News from the Field Updated
2/16/2014Prison violence rises; staff, inmates at risk- Poughkeepsie Journal
2/15/2014Bus Added for 3/11/14 Rally at the Capitol- Albany- NYSCOPBA 102 Hackett Blvd
LETTER: NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo to blame for problems in state prisons- Daily Freeman
2/14/2014Bus transportation reservations for Rally at the Capitol on 3/11/2014- Pick up locations in Western Region - Collins, Auburn, Batavia, Dansville, Rochester, Elmira, Orchard Park, Waterloo -Northern Region- Plattsburgh, Ogdensburg, Malone, Glens Falls, High Peaks Rest Area - Southern Region- Brooklyn, NYC, Bedford Hills, Sing Sing - Central Region- Utica, Watertown - Mid-Hudson Region - Ellenville, Newburgh
Legislative Tracker Updated
Adaptive Reuse - Butler - Chateaugay - Monterey - Mt. McGregor
2/13/2014News from the Field Updated
Leave Donation Updated
2/11/2014Mike Dildine's Interview with Bob Lonsberry
CO union on increase in violence at local lockups - TWC News Buffalo - Video
Legislative Tracker Updated
News from the Field Updated
President Rowe's testimony- Mental Hygiene
February Legal Report
2/10/2014News from the Field Updated
Schedule of Informational Meetings regarding Closures
2/9/2014Wyoming assault injures 5- Buffalo News - Press Release
News from the Field Updated
2/7/2014NYSCOPBA Rally on March 11, 2014
News from the Field Updated
2/6/2014Officers Assaulted at Gowanda CF - Press Release
Authorities make arrests after inmate deaths - WIVB
News from the Field Updated
Legislative Tracker Updated
President Rowe's Budget Testimony
DOCCS Directive 0098 - Livingston Correctional Facility
DOCCS Directive 2700 - Functions of the Division of Budget and Finance
DOCCS Directive 2011 - Disposition of Departmental Records
DOCCS Directive 2946 - Employee Identification Material
DOCCS Directive 0008 - Use of Department Stationery & Business Cards
DOCCS Directive 4911 - Packages & Articles Sent or Brought to Facilities
2/5/2014President Rowe's Budget Testimony - Press Release
Joint Legislative Budget Hearing - Public Protection
2/4/2014Correction Officer Pomales Memorial Ceremony- DOCCS
Inmate Seriously Stabbed at Wyoming Correctional Facility - Press Release
NYSCOPBA's Traveling Double Bunk Cell Display
News from the Field Updated
Unions target Cuomo AT Albany rally- Legislative Gazette
2/3/2014Correction Officers, Community, Raise Funds for Cancer Stricken Family - Press Release
News from the Field Updated
Officers Assaulted at Franklin Correctional Facility - Press Release
1/30/20142014 Northern Region Charity Golf Tournament
PEF's "Save Our Services" Rally a Great Success
President Rowe's Speech at the PEF Rally
Legislative Tracker Updated
Dell Monthly Sale Flyer
1/29/2014President Rowe's Statement on State report regarding rising overtime- Press Release
Public sector unions unload on 'moron' Cuomo- Capitol Confidential
1/28/2014DOCCS semi-annual transfer list re-ranking by seniority moved to 4/1/2014- Letter
Current Sergeants list extended
Legislative Tracker Updated
DOCCS Directive 2729 - Reimbursement of Overtime Meals
1/27/2014News from the Field Updated
Down to final four in Men's NUCOR/NYSCOPBA Masters- Auburn Pub
DOCCS Directive 2713 - Overtime/Holiday Compensation
DOCCS Directive 4038 - Inmate Identification Photographs (Mugshots)
DOCCS Directive 4064 - Facility Safety
DOCCS Directive 2794 - Reporting Losses
DOCCS Directive 4065 - Reporting Injuries and Occupational Illnesses
1/24/2014Assaults on Corrections Officers at a 5 Year High- 13 WHAM
Spotlight Updated- The Burch Family Goes to Disney!
Certain Retired Law Enforcement Officers Tax Benefit
1/23/2014Correction Officer Stabbed Multiple Times by Inmate at Attica- Press Release - WIVB
DOCCS Directive 0068 - Wende Correctional Facility
DOCCS Directive 4423 - Inmate Telephone Calls
DOCCS Directive 4760 - Inmate Organizations
1/22/2014Legislative Tracker Updated
Letter: Shock facilities help prisoners back into society, Kenneth Stump- Stargazette
News from the Field Updated
1/21/2014Prisons congested, dangerous By Donn Rowe, Commentary- Times Union - Press Release
Dell Monthly Sale Flyer
Cuomo 'fixed' prison system that wasn't broken by Mike Dildine- Star Gazette
Get 10% off at Genesee, Livingston, Orleans and Wyoming county YMCA's.Flyer - Application - Web Site
News from the Field Updated
1/18/2014Correction Officers Assaulted at Franklin and Gouverneur Correctional Facilities -Press Release
1/15/2014News from the Field Updated
Legislative Tracker Updated
Spotlight Updated- Clinton CF Donates and CNY PC Toy Drive
1/14/2014DOCCS Directive 4026 - Critical Incident Stress Management Plan
DOCCS Directive 4037 - Fingerprinting Inmates
DOCCS Directive 4421 - Privileged Correspondence
DOCCS Directive 9213 - Re-Release of Community Supervision Violators in Local Custody (County Correctional Facilities)
DOCCS Directive 4803 - Inmate Program Placement
DOCCS Directive 2932 - Use of State Owned Vehicles
DOCCS Directive 9999 - Alphabetic Index of Directives, by Subject
1/13/2014What is NYSCOPBA? - YouTube
Our view: State must improve communication on prison issues- AuburnPub
News from the Field Updated
Mission Accomplished:Warrior Veteran's Story Touches Heroes for Hockey Athlete, Veteran- NewzJunky
Schedule Of Legislative Budget Hearings
Budget Hearings- Public Protection - Mental Hygiene - Workforce Development
Governor Cuomo to release 2014-15 Executive Budget Proposal
DOCCS Directive 3093 - Pest Management
DOCCS Directive 0000 - Table of Contents
DOCCS Directive 0059 - Woodbourne Correctional Facility
DOCCS Directive 4911 - Packages & Articles Sent or Brought to Facilities
1/10/2014Auburn Correctional Facility in Lockdown - Press Release
Legislative Tracker Updated
Auburn prison inmate found with 2 shanks will stay in prison, Cayuga County DA says-
Felony offenders sentenced, enter plea- Press Republican
1/9/2014Stewards Union Related Course Reimbursement Form
1/8/20142014 Legislative Calendar
Governor Cuomo's 2014 State of the State Address- Web cast at 1:30 pm
1/7/2014Spotlight Updated- Hockey for Heroes
Legislative Tracker Updated
1/6/2014Correction officers union to rally on Jan. 29- Post Star
Leave Donation Updated
Hockey for Heroes tournament raises $15,000 for Wounded Warrior Project - Press Release
1/3/2014Hockey for Heroes- DOCCS Press Release
Spotlight Updated- Livingston CF Freez'in for a Reason
Duane J. Catanesi- Orleans CF- Obituary
DOCCS Directive 0086 - Shock Incarceration Facilities
DOCCS Directive 2945 - Inventory Control
DOCCS Directive 2403 - Training Consultants
1/1/2014News from the Field Updated
Legislative Tracker Updated

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